Jerry Rago Bluegill Top Hook Paddle Tail

Jerry Rago Bluegill Top Hook Paddle Tail

Bluegill imitations can be deadly early in the season on lakes throughout the US with good Florida-strain bass and bluegill populations. Featuring a top hook design, the Jerry Rago Bluegill Softbait is great for nosing around bass beds, as well as, in front of ambush points. Featuring an anatomically correct profile and excellent, realistic detailing, it now comes equipped with a boot tail for a natural swimming action and underwater thumping. The Rago Bluegill's soft plastic construction also provides better collapsibility over hard bait imitations - leading to better hooksets and fewer missed fish. Well-known in the trophy bass scene both as an angler and as a lure-designer, Jerry Rago's baits have fooled thousands of giant trophy bass in all corners of the USA and Japan. Tie on a Jerry Rago Bluegill Softbait today - and get bit!

Length: 4.25"

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ive caught several fish from 2 to 10 lbs on one bait. Durable, realistic, and well worth the price. Great bait.

From: Stan: TX 3/21/14

Comments: Awesome swimbait.  Caught seven fish between 7 and 9 pounds on the same bait.  Great durability well worth the money!  Not even a small tear in the plastic

From: Keith: Mount Laurel, NJ

Comments:Caught a 10 pound 2 ounce bass on the Male Bluegill color last week and I've caught a few over 6 with it. The bait swims great and you can fish it fast if you want without it rolling. It's also a pretty durable bait. The hook is very strong and does not bend out. Sits up on the bottom as well. Another great bait from Jerry Rago.

From:ACH: San Diego, CA

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