The Jerry Rago Injected Rago Rat delivers the fish catching ability of the originals - now in a more affordable injection molded design.  Rat-style baits have accounted for numerous trophy fish across the country, and Jerry Rago has been testing and refining his rat baits for years to get just the right combination of features.  Incredibly detailed and realistic like all Rago Baits, the Injected Rago Rat's diving bill and single-jointed construction also give it a tantalizing swimming action.  As you wake it or bulge it just below the surface, the back half of the bait and the tail gyrating like a rat desperately trying to cross an open stretch of water.  A great choice for chasing that big bite anywhere bass and rats come into contact, the Jerry Rago Injected Rago Rat is equipped with a super sharp Owner treble hook and available in a variety of colors.

Jerry Rago Length Weight Class
Injected Rat 4-1/4" Body
8-3/4" Overall
1.60-oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought this bait and absolutely love the action and you can't beat the results caught my first 5 pounder 5.8 to be exact hit it so hard puled my Abu Toro winch 60 off my Muskie rod had to hand line her in get this bait you won't regret the results!

From: Shane: griffin,ga,us

Comments: @ $18.99 This is a great bite bass swimming / Cranking Rat. Everythings Beefy Love the super soft strong Tail. THX Rago. I bot the Brown!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: I actually found it smaller than I expected. It swims ok for a plastic injected bait but its kind of generic. I personally just rate it ok and personally think that similar wood baits will outperform this one in the water. The plus is that it does have a good clear coat...I would say a baby slammer will blow this thing away in performance.

From: John: Fullerton, CA

Comments: AWESOME topwater action bait,its bigger/fatter then i had expected but its a great evening/night topwater also has a great little side to side shimmy action.i glued some flyfishing zonker fur strips to the bottom of mine to give it a "moving" alive look when its paused to let the fur flare out.i love this lure.get urself some!!!

From: Sam: Chicago

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