Jerry Rago spent years perfecting the shape and dimensions of the Live Trout Softbait. Designed to swim and look like the real thing, its single jointed, soft plastic construction, and clear plastic bill allow it to swim in a perfect upright position with excellent movement. The clear plastic bill also keeps the bait at the depth you start the retrieve, so you can attack the entire water column. If you let the bait sink to the bottom, a slow retrieve will keep it down there, or if you want to fish the middle of the water column, start the retrieve at the desired depth and the Rago Live Trout Softbait will stay at that depth almost all the way back to the boat. Available in several colors for varying conditions, tie on Jerry Rago Live Trout Softbait - and get bit.

Length: 7"

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I concur with "Jay"... Disappointment, but not given up on the J.R. products just yet..

From: Jackie: Los Banos, CA

Comments: I found the swimming action of this bait really poor. No matter what I tried it would not swim correctly. I tried swimming this bait in a large pool so I could watch how it reacted to different retrieval speeds, and rod angles, and the bait would not stay upright or go straight for more the a few yards before rolling on it side and going into a spin, tried adjusting the front line attachment and hook attachment to no avail. I should of returned it before I threw away the box.Comments

From: Jay: Murrieta, CA

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