Created by trophy fish expert Jerry Rago, the Delta Rat is a spook-style bait with an excellent action and extremely life-like profile and coloring. The notable differences of the Delta Rat from the other rat-style baits in Jerry Rago's lineup are the absence of a diving bill and small modifications to allow it to walk-the-dog more efficiently. When walking-the-dog, the bait creates a tantalizing surface disturbance and the Delta Rat's soft plastic tail provides additional bass attracting action. With sizes (minus the tail) ranging from 3.5 inches to a whopping 6.5 inches, the Jerry Rago Delta Rat is sure to attract attention anywhere hungry bass and tasty rodents come into contact.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought me the bass colored rat and took this boy fishing. I threw it up next to some brush in the water. He started walking with a slow wobble back and forth with the tail doing it's thing, then bam a 6 pound largemouth loaded up on it. This bait will catch you some big bass in the spring time and at night. I have caught some small fish on the rat but most of the time when you get a hit it will be a big fish. I use it to search for the kicker at the end of the hunt and it will put some big bass in the live well. It casts a mile and has the most alluring walk back and forth that I have ever seen. The baits are very durable and will stand up to those big fish. I only own 2 rats, the bass and the white

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

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