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The Jewel Bait Fin-nesse Jig Head is a great standup jig head for fishing all types of soft plastic baits. The jig head keeps the bait at a 45 degree angle for the ultimate presentation, guaranteeing maximum fish attracting action from your soft plastic. The Jewel Fin-nesse Jig Head is engineered to be completely snag-resistant, so it is great for fishing around rocks and all types of cover. Easy to rig and effective, the Jewel Finesse Jig Head is a proven performer.

Comments: The ultimate jighead for fishing soft craw's. i've tried them all and this is the best. it stand's your craw in a fighting posture. i use the rage craw or berkley. hook-up's are excellent. the lake fork creature bait's perform very well also. give them a try and see for yourself--

From: Wes: Salinas, Ca

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