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The Jewel Bait Eakins' Pro Spider Jig Heads are the first light line jigs engineered with a cross eyelet hook. Forward weighted, the Pro Spider Jig Head is designed to be the ultimate drag type jig. The head is specially designed to come over rocks and cover easily with minimal hang-ups. The special head also facilitates easy hook sets using lighter line, while the weedguard helps limit unwanted snags. Pair it up with your favorite skirts and trailer to match your local forage and customize your own deadly jig.

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Comments: if you fish with spider type jig's and your not using pro slider jighead's, your missing out on the best for this application. although this jighead can be used for grubs like kalin's or zoom  curltail bait's and other soft plastic's it really shine's with spider grub's. the configuration of the head is perfect for bottom scratching lure's. jewel is far ahead in its design of their product's. in my humble opinion, it's the best on market. give them a try, you will see for yourself--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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