The Jewel Hole Punch Skirt features a specially designed skirt with a HyperCone Center that provides a layering skirt effect, while also keeping the skirt’s entire perimeter flared to its fullest potential.  The Hypercone center also slides down over the hook eye to provide secure eye closure, and also protect your snell knot.  A perfect choice for your favorite punch rig, the Jewel Hole Punch Skirt’s combination of materials and colors make it come alive with the slightest movement.

2 per pack

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I have had same issue with the skirt coming off. Takes 3 hands to stretch skirt band, hold sleeve and slide skirt back on.

From: Steve: St.Amant,LA USA

Comments: Punch skirts suck!  After each fish, skirt pulls down from the hypecone and a pain to push back into place. Last thing I want to worry about when punching

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