The Jewel Bait Flop Top J Lock Jig features the winning Jewel J Lock Series design - now with Jewel’s new Flop Top skirt. Utilizing a layered configuration of long, wide-leg silicone strands on the outside, and regular-cut silicone strands on the inside, the Flop Top skirt provides an undulating swimming action under motion, and then a two-stage “unfolding” process to reveal the trailer when the jig comes to rest. The Flop Top skirt also bulks up the bait’s profile and slows its fall. Still the ultimate jig for fishing heavy cover, it comes equipped with the J Lock trailer keeper system, and its weight forward design allows it to fall straight down through cover. Available in a range of colors, the Jewel Bait Flop Top J Lock Jig also comes equipped with a Jewel Bait exclusive extra-strong black nickel Diamond Point J-Bend Hook.

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