The Jewel Baits Hyper Hook will compliment any soft plastic frog or swimbait. When properly rigged, the Hyper Hook’s precision molded keel provides the perfect balance, allowing the bait to swim or fall naturally. The durable, double barb keeper will keep baits affixed and prevent slippage, while the sticky sharp hook will keep fish pinned. When it comes to improving an angler’s soft plastic success, the Jewel Baits Hyper Hook will get the job done.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These have worked well for me. i just leave the hook point exposed. when i first started using them i would try to skinhook the point to make it weedless, but the shape of the hook is not condusive to that. i change the keeper out to an owner cps. with hook point exposed the bait runs true and usually will swim over the top of cover without too much problems

From: Roy: FL 4/4/14

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