Please Note: Each rat is custom painted, so actual colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Tested, developed, and engineered for over 3-years, the Johnny Rat Wakebaits has been meticulously transformed into the ultimate, bass-catching rodent. Built with a sleek, contoured body, the Johnny Rat Wakebait features a durable single-joint and lexan bill, which combine to impart a smooth, back-and-forth action that trophy-sized bass love.

Handcrafted from 100% wood, the Johnny Rat Wakebait boasts a high quality construction that is outfitted with only the highest quality components, including Worth Co. split rings and razor-sharp Katsuichi quad-point hooks. And at the rear, a long, rubber rat-tail is used to enhance the flowing movement of the bait.

Hiroshima Customs, a lure customization company known for their ability to transform everyday hardbaits into works of art, developed the premium-grade finish on the Johnny Rat Wakebait. The paint job is covered with a durable 3500 PSI epoxy clear coat that is strong enough to withstand abuse from big bass and ensure the life of the bait. Posing as a large, calorie-rich meal that big bass can't resist, the Johnny Rat Wakebait delivers a realistic, and finely tuned action proven to land trophies.

Johnny Rat Body Length Total Length Weight
Wakebait  5.75" 11.5" 1-2/3oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'll Put it to you this way no wake bait shakes your entire rod on the retrieve like this one. Best components as far as hooks & swivels being used.


Comments: No contest, period. There is not a better made, nicer outfitted, this well painted, more acoustically pleasing, get the crap bit out of it rat in fishing. Johnny Rat is the truth.

From: Micah: Spokane, WA 3/6/16

Comments: By far the best Rat/Wake Bait style bait I have ever used. Swims Awesome right out of the package and those quad hooks really keep the fish pegged! Well worth the price. I have won my money back several times over. Thanks Johnny Rat!

From: Mike: CA 6/22/15

Comments: The success of wake bait fishing is the V-shaped wake that it creates when reeled along the surface. When you combine the knock of wood along with the V the bass cant resist. This puts the high-floating Johnny Rat ahead of the "pack".

From: Chad: Pineville, LA 6/22/15

Comments: This rat simply catches fish. I caught my pb 13lbs LMB on the Johnny rat. I have caught more big fish on the rat than my other high end baits. The customer service is commendable. Matt answers all questions and addresses any issues one may have. The bait is the perfect size for bass to blow up on. The paint holds up well and the secondary action that the tail gives (not to mention the wake this bait makes)make this my go to bait anytime.

From: M. Jay: CA 6/22/15

Comments: Great hookup ratio, went fishing for an hour and had 6 blowups and landed 6 fish, caught them all on the leopard color

From: Josh: Hemet, CA 6/28/14

Comments: This bait is 100% legit!! It gets chewed. The Johnny Rat walks the dog, wakes the surface.....techniques are endless. Perfect paint jobs that are extremely durable. Great customer service.

From: Jeff: LA 4/16/14

Comments: The Johnny Rat is a very good waking rat. On a straight retrieve, it produced a great wake and gave great feedback through the rod. The paint on the bait is very durable and the quad hooks are very strong. I got mine after peak wakebait season last year but it still got the interest of the fish. It will definitely be in the rotation this year.

From: Wayne: PA 4/10/14

Comments: Hands down the best rat bait on the market. Really like the lightness of the wood used. Excellent for ninja fishing and someone who wants a quiet presentation.

From: Kyle: Anaheim, CA 4/9/14

Comments: The bait gets wrecked. Extremely well built wood bait with excellent paint, finish and hardware and action.

From: Matt: CA 4/1/14

Comments: The bait is the real deal and its well put together. The price is rather steep. A Friend of mine fishes one and definitely catches them. I' hoping ill be able to pick one up(when price drops a bit) Mat Gene is the creator and these were previously made to order. If they can keep them in stock It will be nice to pick one when wanted instead of waiting.

From: Gino: CA 4/1/14

Comments: This bait has incredible action. On a Slow retrieve the rat kicks and spits water creating a big surface disturbance. Perfect for night fishing at the golf course or local pond.

From: Tommy: Hemet, CA 3/31/14

Comments: Hands down the best wake bait on the market... From the craftsmanship, paint and components.. This bait is top notch..  This is a huck and reel type bait... Meaning the bait does all the work for you.. He has crafted this bait to target monster fish in any body of water. For me it is a must have on deck at all times...  Change your outlook on targeting monster bass.. Tie one one and HOLD ON..!! From yhe meanest exploding strikes to fat mama's just slurping it under.  You can read all the reviews you would like but that's a waste of time. Tie one on and see the quality of fish improve with just about every cast.

From: Kris: Stockton, CA 3/31/14

Comments: I started fishing the Johnny Rat Wakebait late fall of 2013 and fell in love with it the very first trip. It casts well and the wake on it is amazing! I can honestly say, with dozens and dozens of hits on the Johnny Rat, I have yet to miss a hook up. I have mine tied on all day long and fish it every time I go out.

From: Ralph: Natick, MA 3/31/14

Comments: I had the opportunity to fish with Johnny Rat himself and was fortunate enough to see this bait in action for myself. The bait cast well, and has a great wobbling action on the retrieve.  This is a versatile wake bait with many different actions to employ.  

From: Swimbaiter: Ladera Ranch, CA 3/31/14

Comments: This rat gets absolutely smashed, bone crushing strikes, heart pounding fights will insue!! This is the best rat on the market, and with a paint job by Hiroshima u can bet you'll catch your pb on this rat!! The hooks on this don't need replacing cause their the best available! Super sharp and strong!

From: Marc: Palm Beach, FL 3/31/14

Comments: I heard some of the guys @ Diamond Valley Lake talking about this bait and asked where i could get one and they referred me to Tackle Warehouse. This bait is everything that it's been hyped up to be. Swims awesome, built rock solid, finish is top notch. i may buy the black one as well.

From: John: Montclair, CA 3/31/14

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