Kaenon Kore The result of "function first" focus, the Kore is lightweight, extremely durable, and features an 8.25 base curve for maximum wrap and rake…a true performance sunglass. Recessed Variflex nose pads securely anchor the frame to your face.

Kaenon is dedicated to developing the most advanced polarized lens technology on the planet. Their commitment to excellence has led them to the development of a radically new lens material, purpose-built lens tints, and cutting edge polarizing elements. They have collaborated with legendary designers like Alain Mikli to ensure that they are not only on the leading edge of technology, but also up on the latest styles. Kaenon strives to enhance the performance of those who demand the highest quality eyewear.

Kaenon is putting increased emphasis on the fishing market, recruiting bass pros across the country, like Aaron Martens, David Walker, Jack Gadladge, Brett Hite, Mike Long, and Charlie Weyer.

SR-91 Lenses are made not of glass, polycarbonate, nor of CR-39. SR-91 is a new polarized lens material combining the crisp optical acuity of the finest glass lenses, but in an ultra light, impact-proof lens that exceeds US Government Safety standards of the ANSI z.87.1 COLTS Laboratories, an independent testing facility. All Kaenon Polarized SR-91 lenses filter out harmful UV and Blue light.

TR-90 Frames are injection-molded exclusively from TR-90, a nylon-based material, uniquely formulated for strength, flexibility, and memory retention. TR-90 Frames are lightweight and extremely durable, withstanding harsh elements without breaking down or losing its finish. All metals used on Kaenon Frames are lightweight metal alloys that are casted to be strong and durable, as well as hypoallergetic.

Light Transmission Level (LTL) is the number indicating the precise amount of visible light that each Kaenon Polarized Lens transmits to your eye.

LTL 12 The darkest lens Kaenon offers (blocking 88% of visible light) performs best in bright, full-sun conditions.
LTL 28 Blocking 72% of visible light, the LTL 28 lens performs well in most all light conditions. A great, all-around lens.
LTL 35 Blocking 65% of visibile light, the LTL 35 lens significantly enhances contrast. It is optimum in hazy, changing and low-light conditions.

Grey Tint offers the truest possible optical experience with no color alteration. It eliminates glare and dramatically improves visual acuity.
Copper Tint
enhances color contrast, depth perception and detail recognition. Copper tint amplifies details and soothes the eyes to provide the truest color enhancement and contrast without lasting color alteration.
Yellow Tint offers superior color contrast enhancement and detail definition for low light, hazy, partly cloudy, or changing light conditions.

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Kaenon Frame Material Lens Material Base Curve Frame Size Available in Prescription
Kore M TR90 SR-91 8 base curve Eye-72mm, Bridge-16mm, Temple-125mm N/A

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