Kahara KJ Jig Spinners - $3.19

Perfect for adding a little extra flash and vibration to your favorite jig, the Kahara KJ Jig Spinners are available with either #2 Willow or #3.5 Colorado blades. Their .6mm wires and premium swivels allow the blades to constantly vibrate and flash as they move through the water, and the unique shape of the wire allows your bait to trace parallel with the blade. Available in a range of colors as well, the Kahara KJ Jig Spinners are a quick-and-easy way to "supe up" your jigs.

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Kahara KJ Jig Spinners

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  • Colorado Copper
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  • Colorado Gold
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  • Colorado Silver
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  • Willow Copper
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  • Willow Gold
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  • Willow Gun Metallic
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  • Willow Silver
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Comments: love the kahara blades but wish tackle warehouse would carry just the blades and in Colorado type but go up even bigger like a number 4 and 4.5 in gold silver and copper  thanks tw

From: Robert: Picayune, MS 3/20/15

Comments: Piece of junk I was tying my knot and it snapped in half. I guess the people that made this figured you wouldn't catch any fish on it anyway so why make it it so the wire does not snap!

From: Luke: NC

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