Setting itself apart from other rat-style baits on the market, the MLT Rat N Rat features two Colorado-shaped blades dangling from the rear of the bait. The two blades provide additional flash and vibration, attracting bass from greater distances and generating vicious strikes. Each MLT Rat-N-Rat also boasts an extremely realistic profile, complete with dynamic colorings, 3D eyes and a seductive soft plastic tail. The soft body of the MLT Rat'N Rat is also easy to work along the water's surface, while providing excellent collapsibility for quality hooksets. Throw it anywhere you would throw a normal rat-style bait, the MLT Rat N Rat with its two silver blades, is in a league of its own - providing added fish attraction to a proven design.

 Kahara Total Length Length w/out tail Weight
MLT Rat N Rat 5-7/8" 3"  3/4oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was having a tough day on the water with only one bass and i had been there all day. I was digging through my tackle box for anything that might work and i decided to try out the rat. Ten minutes later i caught a three pounder and five minutes after that caught a four pounder. The fish were destroying the bait! I ended the day with 5 rat fish in one hour.

From: Ben: TX 3/27/14

Comments: Using a medium slow retrive wile vibrating the rod tip, I caught five bass using the frog rat color, in five casts. all five bass completely left the water to inhale this bait! The fifth bass I caught missed the bait three times, leaving the water each strike before demolishing the bait and clearing the water surface by at least 3 feet. Hands down the most aggessive strikes I have ever seen on any lure! Downside, the bodies of these lures do not hold up, and will tear and split open from the hook barb and the lure starts to take on water. I wish they would make this lure from a more durable softer plastic or just use a reverse barb frog hook so it doesn't catch the body on a hook set!

From: Jerry: Blue Island, IL

Comments:One big hit from a bass is all it takes to rip off the tail...I got a hit on the second cast and set the hook, reel it in and the tail was gone...it was poorly constructed...I read a review on this lure and thought it was jus a defect but it happened to me also...I still have one lure left so I gotta try it out...we'll have to wait and see.

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