Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs

Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs

Guaranteed to stand out in your local waters, the Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs grab bass’ attention with a natural flowing movement that is unlike any other jig on the market. Built using fine-cut Mylar, the Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs feature an 1100-strand skirting (no, that’s not a typo) that delivers an extremely reactive pulsation and a brilliant flash.

The Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs also won’t clump up and lose their movement in freezing cold waters, like silicone skirting.  For an even stronger attraction, the Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs come equipped with lifelike 3D eyes, durable powder-coated paint jobs, and premium fiber weedguards. Armed with a super-sharp hook as well, the Kayser Mylar Hair Jigs deliver a weedless standup presentation that’s full of flowing and flashing action.  

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    Model No. MHJ-1/2-BB
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