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Used by Bassmaster Elite Series veterans, Kevin VanDam and Shaw Grigsby among other top bass professionals, the KC 5300 Key Captain Remote Launching System Kit works with most major boat brands, and alleviates the hassle of launch preparation. At the end of the day, you can also remotely lock your boat and compartments just like the automatic locks on newer cars, saving time and effort. The complete time-saving remote control system provides you with the ability to operate the following functions from outside the boat:

-Lock/Unlock Compartment Lockable Latches
-Trim Down/Trim Up (trailer position)
-Turn Deck or Cabin Lights On/Off
-Turn Bilge Blower On/Off

The Key Captain System's control panel is a permanently sealed and tamper-proof unit with a coding technique that protects the unit from unwanted interference.  The transmitters are designed for marine use, and additional transmitters are available that can be added and programmed by user.  The systems unique sleep mode results in low power energy saving operation, which saves battery life.

Most top-of-the-line tournament bass boats usually feature 8 compartments (6 locking and 2 non-locking). The SE 1000 Electric Locking Latches and SN 1000 Latches are designed to be surface mounted on smooth, upholstered or carpeted surfaces. They install into 2-1/2" mounting holes, and are designed for mounting surfaces 1/8" to 3/4" thick.

The KC 5300 Key Captain Remote Launching System Kit is comprised of these main components:

KC 5000 Control Panel (Receiver)
-Unique-coding technique protects from unwanted interference
-Tough polycarbonate body, permanently sealed & tamper proof
-Low power energy saving operation saves battery life

Six (6) SE 1000 Electric Lock Latches
-Engineered plastic composite
-#316 stainless steel operating components
-Smooth operation
-Contemporary looks
-Six Cams included

Two (2) SN 1000 Latches
-Engineered plastic composite
-#316 stainless steel operating components
-Smooth operation
-Contemporary looks
-Two Cams included

KC 3000 Float Remote (Transmitter)
-Programmable by the user
-Waterproof and designed for rugged handling.
-Withstand rugged conditions
-Floating transmitters can be easily found if dropped into the water

KC 3000 Auto-Style Remote (Transmitter)
-Programmable by the user
-Perfect for attaching to key ring

Bassmaser Elite Series professional bass angler, Kevin VanDam on the Key Captain on his new Nitro boat: "I also have a Key Captain (Sarasota Quality Products) that replaces the standard locks found on most boat storage compartments and serves as an automatic locking system. With the touch of a key fob, I can lock and unlock all my compartments simultaneously. It’s an after-market product offered by some boat companies as an option, and one that I’ve found to be invaluable."

Also check out video of Kevin VanDam and Shaw Grigsby going over the KC 5300 Key Captain Remote Launching System.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Can you imagine not having a key fab on you vehiicle? That security and convenience is now available for your boat. Its kind of like the cell phone, how did I live without it. I have nothing but good things to say about it. A push of a button and the compartments on my boat are locked.

From: George: Catawba Island, Ohio

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