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The Key Captain SE 1000 Electric Locking Latches can be electrically locked and unlocked from the KC 5000 control panel or manually locked and unlocked with a key. Latching or unlatching is a manual operation only. The SE 1000 is ideal for small to medium size storage compartments hatches and doors. The SE 1000 features a comfortable open handle grip that is easy to use even when wearing gloves. The SE 1000 is made of engineered plastic composite and stainless steel materials.

Perfect for additions or replacements to the electronic locks of the Key Captain Remote Launching Kit.

-Flush-mounted contemporary look
-#316 stainless steel operating components
-Positive open and closed feel on detent positioned operating handle
-Electrically locked and unlocked from KC 5000 Control panel
-Manually locked and unlocked with two double bitted keys
-For smooth, upholstered or carpeted surfaces
-Installs into a 2-1/2” mounting hole
-For mounting surfaces 1/8” to 3/4” thick

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