Fabricated with exactly 136 air-trapping appendages, the Kicker Fish Bubble Fry is a slow floating, fish catching, bubble-making machine. Brought back into production due to the high-demand from anglers across the country, the Kicker Fish Bubble Fry slowly glides and suspends on its way to the bottom, while releasing a generous amount of air bubbles. Whether you are fishing them Carolina-rigged, Texas-Rigged, wacky style, or with a shakey head, the garlicky goodness of the Kicker Fish Bubble Fry will most definitely coax a few hungry lunkers into taking a closer examination. 

Length Quantity
4" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I first used this product this year and had some pretty good success with it. I rigged it on a shaky head jig and gave it quick popping of the rod tip. The speed of how fast I retrieve it depends on the temperature of the water but I usually start out with longer pauses because I fish highly pressured waters and this lure seems to do the trick in a lot of scenarios.

From: Sean: Lindstrom, MN

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