The straight worm has been used in bass fishing for many years as an effective, simple design that continues to be extremely efficient at catching bass. With new techniques like drop shotting and shaky head, "life-like" action is critical, and the Kicker Fish Hightail Holeshot Shaky Worm delivers the action. Thanks to the Hightail Series patented engineering, air pockets are molded into each bait, trapping air while submerged, which results in a more realistic, life-like presentation. The Hightail Series Holeshot Shaky Worm is guaranteed to stand up, no matter how it’s rigged. For added attraction, each bait is also fortified with JJ’s Magic Juice. When bass become lock-jaw and a finesse presentation is needed, the Holeshot Shaky Worm is a more than ideal offering. Superior action, superior visibility, a more realistic bait, the Kicker Fish Hightail Series Holeshot Shaky Worm just changed the game.

Length Quantity
7" 20
4.5" 20

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great on a weighted wacky rig better then the real senkos & they are way more durable.

From: Zechariah: CA 6/18/16

Comments: I have always caught quality and quantity fish with the zoom trick worms. After while fellow tournament anglers caught on to the trend of the zoom trick worm & finesse bite so I looked for another edge on them. I ordered 3 packs of the hightail hole shots & I must say I'm more than glad I did! The zoom trick worm could not hang with the action of these hole shots! The tail on these things triggers more bites. Whether you Texas rig or drop shot, it doesn't matter. These things deliver! Don't hesitate to buy these. For the price, quality, quantity & action these things offer they are hard to beat! Customer for life!

From: Shaun: MS 5/11/16

Comments: I will be throwing all my zoom trick worms away now.... kicker hightails all the way!!!

From: Calvin: Batseville AR

Comments: I don't know why people compare this product with Roboworm. They are totally different plastics. Robo are softer with salts - with better color patterns. Kicker Fish baits use kinda same material as Zoom Trick Worm (with garlic scent). This catches fish, tho. I like to support small businesses - so I picked this baits instead of Zoom. I just wish they have more colors available.

Comments: Floats higher than any worm on the market, durable, intuitive colors, great for shakyheading. The price is literally 100% better than Roboworms (2.99 for 20 Kicker fish worms vs. 3.29 for 10 Roboworms)! The 4.75 inchers in green pumpkin and watermelon candy are perfect. Strong scent of garlic masks the smell of super glue. MUST BUY MORE!!

Comments: Put this on a B.O.S.S shakey head and throw this basically anytime in the year and u will catch fish.My best color is watermelon red.Try throwing this on a sand bottom by rocks, that is where this bait excels!But it works basically everywhere else to.

Comments: The Kicker Fish Hightail Holeshot Shaky Worm is the best finesse worm I have used to date. It blows all other worms out of the water including the Trigger X Probe worm, the Zoom Shaky worm, the BPS Finesse worm, and ALL of the Roboworms. I began using the shakyhead with the classic 4.5 inch Roboworm. They worked great but I was breaking the bank (relatively) using them because they are too soft, therefore not durable and I also noticed they did not stand up straight (always) on a ballhead. Plus, Roboworms do not have a crayfish color. So I purchased three packs of the Holeshot worms and I was immediately impressed. They stand up straighter than Robos,  more durable than Robos, cheaper than robo (by over 100%), and the tail has more action (due to its shape) than Robos. The holes really work and I believe it helps give the tail action. I really love the green pumpkin and the watermelon candy in the 4.75 inch size. They fit my river smallmouth shaky head niche perfectly. PS. The Kicker Fish Hightail Holeshot Shaky Worm has a powerful masking scent (garlic flavored) that even masks the smell of super glue.

Comments: Best Finnese Worm on the market! Made in TEXAS!

From: Rusty: Texas, where else?

Comments: Wow is all that needs to be said. I rig these on a Spot Remover and let the worm do the rest of the work. If you're looking for a worm that will literally stand any jig up off the bottom, look no further.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

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