Kicker Fish doesn’t take credit for the timeless lizard design, just for bringing it to life. Thanks to the Hightail Series patented engineering, air pockets are molded into each bait, resulting in a more realistic, life-like presentation. The Kicker Fish Hightail Series Lizard is guaranteed to stand up, no matter how it’s rigged. For added attraction, each bait is also fortified with JJ’s Magic Juice. When bass are guarding their bed or a Carolina-rig is in store, the Hightail Series Lizard is the call. Superior action, superior visibility, a more realistic bait, the Kicker Fish Hightail Series Lizard just changed the game.

Length Quantity
6" 10
8" 9

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just wanted to talk about this lizard a little. I had a tournament this past weekend water temps in the low fifty's and was struggling to get a bite on every thing I was throwing so I grabbed a six inch kicker fish lizard in the green pumpkin color and started Carolina rigging it and in thirty minutes I had about fifteen pounds. The action from these lizards and the air pockets that make them stand up  are very good and I think it had a lot to do with it.  

From: Zac: TX

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