Tournament-tested and “fish-approved,” the Kinami Crankbait delivers a lethal combination of rattle, flash, and action.  The narrow lip of the Kinami Crankbait creates an enticing tight wobble with lots of flash, and also makes it easy to retrieve. Work it with a steady or stop-and-go retrieve, and the Kinami Crankbait moves through the water with a devastating action that causes bass to bite on pure impulse. Additionally, the Kinami Crankbait is also equipped with an ear-splitting rattle system. Available in a variety of detailed colors, the Kinami Crankbait is 3.25” of medium-diving mayhem.  

Kinami Length Weight Hook
Crankbait 3.25" 4/5oz #6

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I really like the Ghost Shad and Ghost Watermelon in clear water. I have never been much of a jerkbait guy, and these have a more subtle look than most cranks which can be just the trick.

From: Zack: WV

Comments: caught a 5 lb bass in the river with the Rad Shad. winter time

From: d fig: Bakersfield, CA

Comments: ayu color is my secret weapon just catches fish left and right. But ghost shad is a bass killer also

From: Giuliano: San Jose, CA

Comments: I love all of kinami bait but this is by far the best ever made! It looks just like a fat head minnow! ive caught tons of 5 an 6 pound fish on this an 3 over 8 just this year best crankbait i have in my box. This small bait catches big fish!!!

From: Travis

Comments: I agree with Shane; I have caught a ton of smallies on the white ayu.  This bait isn't that big, but the bass love it.

From: Stevo: Idaho

Comments:The white ayu crankbait is second to none. I have caught more fish on this crankbait more than any other one color of any crankbait out there. Thanks for a great lure.

From:Shane: Hueytown, AL

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