Replacing the popular Nories Bug, the Kinami D Bug delivers the same tremendous action - with some new refinements and features all its own.  An excellent flipping bait, the D Bug is a great choice for a variety of bass fishing applications. Its big claws and creature-inspired appendages help it fall slowly while generating action all the way to the bottom, and its streamlined body also allows it to slip in and out of tight pockets in all types of cover. Derek Yamamoto, son of the famous bait designer Gary Yamamoto, started Kinami baits to provide even more anglers with greater access to affordable, premium quality, salt-impregnated plastic lures.  Available in several proven colors and featuring Kinami’s special formula of salt impregnated plastic, the Kinami D Bug is a bait every angler could use in their arsenal.

Length Quantity
4" 6

***Midnight contains 6 per pack.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I absolutely love this bait free falling on a 3/0 hook and 17 lb floro!! I still haven't figure out why but largies in the 4-6 lb range specifically just eat it. Big smallies eat em too!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: I agree with Bubba.  This is a good bait to try when facing a very difficult bite.   I wouldn't say it's a "fish catching machine" in such conditions, but it has saved the day for me twice when I couldn't buy a bite on anything else.  This is a bait that I have only used in the most difficult of conditions.  On days when the bite is more aggressive, I tend to use something that is less expensive and more durabe. It has a very organic look, very insect like and very craw like at the same time.  I generally fish it weightless.  Much like a senko, it's own density provides sufficient weight for casting and an enticing fall rate.  I have only used this bait for river smallmouth fishing.  So I'm unsure how effective it is for green colored bass.  It's also prone to losing its jiggly legs to nibblers and hooksets.  I just keep fishing it anyway, it still gets bit.

From: Brad: Kingsport, TN

Comments: Pickin up a bunch of these, the original Nories Bug was a fish catching machine when nothing else works.

From: Bubba: Charlotte, NC

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