Summer-time tournaments around the Country are often won by anglers fishing deep offshore structure. Finding tournament winning fish on deep humps, ledges, shell beds, and rock piles can be a feat-in-and-of-itself, but so is getting them to bite once you do find them. One thing is for sure though, you need a rod with the right length, action and taper for the task at hand.

Designed with the help of deep structure fishing master and FLW Tour veteran, Mark Rose, the Kistler KLX Mark Rose Offshore Series Casting Rods feature advanced, lightweight North Fork Composite blanks perfectly tuned for fishing deep cranks, spoons and swimbaits. Their Hybrid High Modulus construction delivers unparalleled sensitivity with the power you need to make hook sets in deep water. The rods also feature the soft tips and moderate flex you need to cast baits a country mile and not rip the hooks out of bass' mouths on hooksets. Premium Fuji Micro Stainless Steel “K” Tangle Free Alconite Rings also assist with casting distance, while helping to further reduce weight, and Fuji Non-Exposed Reel Seats provide maximum comfort when you are cranking or ripping a spoon all day. Rose also made each high grade cork handle shorter as well for added comfort when fishing at depth. Offering the technique specific performance you need for fishing offshore, the Kistler KLX Mark Rose Offshore Series Casting Rods have what you need to take down the competition.

"One of the main reasons the KLXMRO711MH and KLXMRO76MH rod will cast crank baits so far is that we took some 'wasted' length out of the handle and put in the blank. Once you place both hands on the rod comfortably, anything left over is wasted. This gives more launching power. The MH was designed for 5XD and 6XD and has the perfect backbone for 'launching' and just the right tip to protect 10-12 pound line. The solid cork handle helps in making longer casts as well, it allows all the smaller muscles in your hands to be used.

The heavy KLXMRO711H was designed for 10XD, spoons and swimbaits and has just the right amount of backbone for the 'launch' yet a soft enough tip to protect 15 pound line. I also use this rod for frogs, jigs and big worms." - Mark Rose, FLW Tour professional angler.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring advanced blanks designed by Gary Loomis and his team at North Fork Composites exclusively for the KLX series, the Kistler KLX Casting Rod Series delivers American-made, technique-specific performance well above its price range.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought 2  7-11 med heavy klx rods and let me tell you, these rods are the real deal. Very light extremely strong plenty of backbone use them on worms jigs frogs. The best all around rod. Well worth what I paid. Very pleased with Kistler and will be buying more From Kistler

From: Robby: picayune ms united states

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