Featuring premium Fuji Micro Guides, the Kistler Micro Magnesium Casting Rods are extremely lightweight and responsive. Japanese and US custom rod builders have proven and refined the Micro Guide Setup over the past 20 years, but it has long remained a secret to most anglers. That is until now.

Offering some key advantages over conventional guides, the Fuji Micro Guides with Alconite inserts are a full 1/4-ounce lighter for starters, and the reduced mass of the Micro Guides translates into increased vibration transfer and sensitivity as well. Their smaller size and the fact that they sit much closer to the blank also ensures less line tangling and fewer backlashes - eliminating the "line slap" produced by conventional guides. These same properties also allow fishing line to fly through the guides for longer casts, while neutralizing the issue of guide frame torque, as well as, broken or cracked guides/inserts. Kistler’s Advanced Microguide locking wrap system “KAM lock” has also proven to be the industry’s best method for locking in a micro guide, mitigating problems found with other micro guide rods today.

A no fore-grip design further reduces weight and facilitates maximum sensitivity transfer, and a Fuji, blank-exposed Reel Seat in conjunction with a high-grade cork, split grip handle system provides all-day comfort and superior balance. Delivering cutting-edge performance, the Kistler Micro Magnesium Casting Rods are lightweight and super sensitive bass fishing tools.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are great i have the 7'3" heavy its says it is marketed for froggin' and riggin' but it is the best jig rod i have ever used.

From: Chase: Prophetstown, IL 12/21/15

Comments: Best casting rod by far, its light, strong, and has the PERFECT taper. I have the 6'9" and its my favorite rod. There also made in the U.S.A.

From: Tristen: NC

Comments: Darn, another rod I should've held first & shouldn't have used when I had my doubts... Craig's list here we come most likely. I got the 6'9" MH to use with swim jigs and chatterbaits & small to medium spinnerbaits. Turns out it doesn't have enough power to earn that spot in my arsenal, it is actually a medium power, not really leaning toward medium/heavy much at all. I have a 6'10" MH Falcon Bucoo that is a pretty weak MH & this Kistler is a softer MH than that. 1st time out, last week on a power plant lake, was surprised by a 6-7 lb lunker largemouth that hit my swim jig. I didn't set the hook particularly well admittedly. But came straight up strong enough to have him until he jumped... Had I had one of my other rods with a mh rating I think I would have boated her. Just didn't get any help from the rod - too limber. I'll make it a 2nd topwater rod this spring I guess... Also, it has more of an extra fast tip than a fast action - not that big a deal. Jury's out on micro guides for moving baits... When I casted hard to get distance, string would have trouble pushing through the first guide fast enough & would back up a little & cause a small overrun. When I ran the reel a little tighter than I wanted to it was better in that regard... Another misfit rod, but I haven't given up on it quite yet...

From: MidwestBassGuy: Gardner, KS

Comments: Amazing Company, Great Products, and Top Notch Customer Service.  I now own 3 of these, one was a rod I received as a gift and not the action I was looking for.  After talking to their wonferful rep's Reuben and Cindy they swapped it out for another model.  These rods are amazingly sensitive and VERY durable had them for 3 years and been through tournament seasons and not one break.

From: Kevin: NC

Comments: Awesome rod for the price outstanding!!!!!

From: Austin: TX

Comments: I love the sensitivity of this rod, strikes were exceptionally easy to detect and is lighter than I anticipated. The grip was also comfortable and made for an awesome day of fishing!

From: Robert: Warwick, RI

Comments: im a real critic and im not just gonna say this is a good rod because i bought a couple and like them, compared to others in its price range it is superior in almost every aspect. super light, excellent quality, cast well, and although sensitivity is the last quality i look for in a rod it is  pretty sensitive. also an excellent looking rod with great guides.

Comments: Big J's update:  I now own three of these, and they all kick ass.  My favorite rod, especially now that they improved the connection attaching the guides to the blank.  Landed a 20 lb yellow cat on the 7 ft medium heavy yesterday, handled that big sucker like a dream.  Big J tested, Big J approved!

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: I own the medium 7ft. rod better known by Kistler fans as the CRANK,RATTLE,and ROLL rod.MAN this rod is just plain FUN to use!use it for square bills,small to medium spinner baits,and lipless cranks.light,and well balanced.

From: Banks: Kimberly, AL

Comments:  I got the 7 foot extra heavy for pounding baits into the nastiest, thickest slop.  After using it a few times I got it tattooed to match my wallet.  You may have seen my wallet in the movie Pulp Fiction.  Anyway, this is one bad mother f...er.  Buy it and kick some ass.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: i got the 7'8" heavy for flipping, it is super light and super strong, also very balanced. i like how the rod bends with the backbone and all. its also not to to heavy like a couple rods i own for flipping.

From: Jiimy: Ft Polk, LA

Comments: I purchased the 7' H Fast action rod, it's a great looking well made rod.  The micro guides made it cast like a dream.  I wouldn't have minded if the handle was a bit longer, but it was quite comfortable as is.  Sensitivity is great and the rod has more than enough backbone to land large fish.  One thing to note when purchasing is that the rods are a bit stiffer than the power rating suggests so you may want to go one rating lower.  My only real complaint is that there aren't any offerings in 7'3" , 7'6" or both.

From: Michael: Lancaster, CA

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