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Specifically designed for fishing Umbrella-rigs, the Kistler Z-Bone ST Umbrella Rig Special Casting Rod has a big, rainbow-bend, moderate action that makes it easy to chunk a big, fully loaded Umbrella-rig a mile with less effort. At the same time, the big bend will load up nicely when you hook one, two or five fish, so that you don't pull those hooks away from any fish. This design is much more effective than trying to cast with a typical, fast action, heavy powered flipping rod. If you want to be very successful with an Umbrella-rig, then you need the Kistler Z-Bone ST Umbrella Rig Special Casting Rod, period.

The Kistler Z-Bone ST Umbrella Rig Special Casting Rod features Kistler’s tournament tough, IM intermediate-modulus multi-layered, 30-ton graphite blank, which allows it to perform under the most extreme fishing conditions without any of the unnecessary, added weight, common in a lot of today’s graphite rods. Kistler is leveraging the legendary Gary Loomis’ expertise, and having his new company build the new Z-bone ST blanks to their exact specifications.

Additional Features:

-Fuji Tangle-Free Micro Alconite Stainless Steel KAM Lock Guides
-Fuji ECS Single Groove Blank-Exposed Reel Seats
-Exclusive Non-Slip Pressed Marble Rubber Cork Split Grip Handles

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Comments: This rod is one sick A-Rigging stick. It's the perfect action/tip for chunking the dead chicken but also has enough backbone to bury the hook on 1,2 or 3 fish. Buy this rod, you won't be let down!

From: Dustin

Comments: This rod is an awesome swimbait rod, yes swimbait rod!! Loads up perfectly for making long casts and has excellent action to fight giant fish. I use the 7'6" model for tossing Lunker Punkers and large wake baits. The 7'11" model is my go-to rod for larger hard baits like the Triple Trout and big softies like the Huds. Recently whopped a twenty-two pound Striper with this rod with no drama.

From: Tony: Menifee, CA

Comments: The big rainbow bend and long handle make this rod perfect for me to chunk differnt weighted Alabama rigs with no effort at all. Great design, would recommend to those who are looking for that perfect rod. Thanks Kistler!

From: Mike: Houston, TX

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