The Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Classic Spinnerbait is a soft-wire adaptation of the traditional spinnerbait it features a VMC premium Barbarian Hook, exquisitely detailed blades, 3-dimensional eyes, and an intricately designed skirt. Ko-Man-Chi’s exclusive soft-wire design also allows the top and bottom arms move unrestricted, and puts the Classic Spinnerbait in a class of its own.  

The added flexibility of soft-wire design makes the Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Classic Spinnerbait more collapsible and responsive to strikes, and when retrieved at a higher rate, the soft-wire design also causes the Classic Spinnerbait to compress without rolling. When fished at a slower rate of speed, both free-swinging arms also displace more water and create an irresistible vibration. By removing the rigidness, it also decreases the amount of fish lost during a fight, as it moves with the fish, not against it.  Available in a variety of colors, flex your fishing muscles with the Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Classic Spinnerbait. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ko-Man-Chi are little works of art. Beautifully crafted spinnerbaits made from quality components. My only gripe is, they don't come through wood very well. In fact, I would highly recommend avoiding wood altogether with these. Due to the nature of the cable design, they tend to collapse and imbed rather than deflect off of solid surfaces. 

From: Sam: IL

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