The Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Spinnerbaits feature a surgically sharpened Lazer Trokar 4/0 hook, as well as, a sharp 3/0 Trailer hook. Some of the sharpest hooks on the market, they offer lightning fast penetration and superior strength. Combine them with the exclusive flexible arm design that allows the top and bottom arm sections to swing freely 360-degrees, and the Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Spinnerbaits greatly improve your strike to catch ratio.

The soft pro wire arms, as opposed the standard hard wire arms on most spinnerbaits, provide increased collapsibility on strikes, and they also help with the action of the bait. The faster you retrieve or burn the bait, the more compact it becomes, staying straight without rolling side-to-side, and when slow rolling it, the arms stay wider and produce increased vibration and flash. Available in multiple colors, the Ko-Man-Chi Doctor Spinnerbaits offer innovative performance and premium components.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: Disappointed in the durability of this spinnerbait.  After catching only 4 fish the bait broke off where the wire meets the head. 

From: Christian: Jersey Shore

Comments: Probably not worth the money. I've had a few break and two bend badly where the wire exits the lead head. Don't get me wrong though - I've caught some nice fish on them - they present something slightly different than the typical spinnerbait. The biggest problem I actually have with them is that they do exactly what they're supposed to do - the wire and blades collapse. This is fine in open water and around weeds/grass but it's terrible around submerged wood where you really want to put a spinnerbait to use. The flimsy wire allows the hook to embed into wood as opposed to deflecting off it like a standard rigid spinnerbait would. I've had to stop throwing these around woody cover where I really want to put them to use and have since just stopped using them.

From: Andrew: Victoria, BC, Canada

Comments: I bought these spinnerbaits when they first came out. The quality was inconsistent. Some of the heads were sent to me with unpainted lead. When I contacted Dr Spinnerbait they told me they were having supply issues and apologized. :/ I wasn't impressed with customer service or the head of the bait. A lot of flashing was left on them as well as the head didn't have the eyes on them as advertised. The action of this bait is as advertised in their videos. The skirt was high quality. It looks to be about 80 strand and is one piece allowing for easy replacement. The blades are custom and have Ko-Man-chi graphics on them. I had to change them to willow blades as they were too slow for my liking. They create too much resistance and collapse the spinnerbait too much. In clear water this bait needs to be worked quickly.I don't believe that the price is worth the bait. I didn't see any huge advantage to purchasing this over another cheaper bait. Although this bait is a  novel idea, the classic spinnerbait is much cheaper and you can exchange worn out parts easily if you have spares.  This bait just can't compete at it's current price. Sorry Dr Spinnerbait!

From: Grant: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This spinnerbait cost way too much for what it give you! i can have 2 Strike King Premier plus or 2 Revenge for one Doctor spinnerbait. great idea, ridiculous price


From: Max: QC, Canada

Comments: I bought ten of these last year and really put them through a tough workout this year.  Overall, I really like the lure.  It runs true, the quality of materials is great. The hooks are super sharp. However, on my last two outings, I've had the head part just break off on a cast.  The wire just snapped where it meets the head.  I've contacted komanchi.  We'll see how their customer service is.

From: PKY: Toronto, ON, Canada

Comments: my friend gave me this bait i use the chartruese in muddy water and bass just love em bad thing is northern love em too

From: Anthony: Madison, WI

Comments:  These are well made quality spinnerbaits.. Iam a spinnerbait fanatic and these are without a doubt.. the best spinnerbait I have ever thrown.. And for those of you who have had a problem with them,(e.g. chipping, missing blade) well all I can say is that there are problems with every companies products once in awhile.. I personally have numerous Terminators and SK pro model spinnerbaits that are either missing blades or have no paint on the heads at all.. I do know one thing about this company.. If you have a problem then the Doctor will make it right..

From: Lorne: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I bought one of these with my last tacklewarehouse bundle because I had to see if the hype was true. I went out on one of my favorite lakes on and overcast, on and off rainy day. I was catching lots of fish on a shakey head shallow early, the later the day got the tougher the bite. Around 11:30 I decided to pick up my Dr Spinnerbait , I gave it two casts into some submerged vegetation and wham, I landed the biggest fish of the day. I'm already a huge fan of Trokar hooks and the flex wire really helps get the bait through the weeds, the head & skirt really seem to be made of good quality materials. I'm definitely buying a few more to add to the arsenal

From: Christian: NJ

Comments: I bought two of these on my last Tackle Warehouse order, I used the Pink White Chartreuse on one of our local lakes and hooked into a good sized fish about 7:30AM after a good fight we netted the large mouth bass. We were shocked at its size, if filled the net. I guessed 10lbs. The scale made it a confirmed 9lbs 10oz. bass, I will be ordering more of these, and hiding them from my sons.
Thank you, I have caught several more fish on the lure and the only wear and tear is one eye fell off.

From: Jim: BC Canada

Comments: I bought 4 of these and they are excellent.  I spent All last weekend fishing with these things.  They run great and are durable.  Fish after fish.  The blades are a nice size as well.  They run true and unlike others that get hammered, I do not see the wire breaking with adjustment after adjustment.  Worth the investment. 

From: pskirner: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: i have a diff model but same price very upset i had a triple balde one fished it and noticed one of the blades fell off really? then i noticed the head started to chip away the paint atleast heavey coat tht for the money were paying!!!!!!! now its a double blade with a nice big chip

Comments: Hands down, the best spinnerbait on the market. I catch a lot of pike so my spinnerbaits would always get mangled after a few pike. Not anymore, these are indestructible. I also like burning my spinnerbaits, but with these you do not have to worry about the lure turning over on it's side. It just becomes more compressed. The price is high. But you get what you pay for and more with this lure. It will last longer than you're other spinnerbaits for sure. High quality blades, swivels, hooks and the unique design make for an amazing bait. Robert William Osler, you are a GENIUS!

From: Andrew: Algonac, MI

Comments: Doctor spinnerbait technical features


Comments: See the action and listen to the sound of Doctor Spinnerbait...........


Comments: This thing is junk, the wide line tie breaks your line on both flouro. and mono.,  and it is not balanced when it runs.  Back to the ones that work for me.

From: Luke: Leeds, AL

Comments: I was a skeptic at first.  But after buying two of these baits and testing them out, I was converted!  These baits are awesome.  I caught bass on a super tough day with these baits.  I hope TW starts carrying all of their product line so that I can buy more. They run true and get down quick, to my surprise.  The trailer hook was key to me landing some of my bigger catches. The components are high quality and the baits have held up against hitting rocks and docks.

From: Thomas: Columbia, SC

Comments: The Doctor Spinnerbait represents the search bait revolution. Not only does the fish bite it, but it also stays hooked forever. This ultimate spinnerbait, with top quality composites, got me a 49'' musky and still, works like it's brand new.

From: Lucas: Quebec, Canada

Comments: I use them a lot when fishing for bass and northern pike and let me tell you what they work phenomenal. They last much longer then anyway other spinnerbait on the market.  You've just got to work it to understand what that soft wire is all about and i promise you wont me disapointed!

From: Xavier: Quebec, Canada

Comments: Brilliant! Ko-Man-Chi has redefined spinnerbaits with this one. I am a guide and picked a couple of these up to try. Smallies destroy spinnerbaits when they are active no matter how hard you try, you can never get the wire quite right. A thing of the past with these baits. With the flexible arm, I've found its much more difficult for a fish to throw the hook as well. A well thought out design. These guys did it right!

From: Troy: Neenah, WI

Comments: Ko-Man-Chi Spinnerbaits are the only Spinnerbait on the market that has a soft arm frame that allows the angler to change up the action of the bait using various retrieve speeds and rod action. The Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait is a first class product that catches fish, Period. I highly recommend this product.

From: Scott: New Fairfield, CT


underwater footage

a day on the water

Comments: Incredibly unique concept...One that actually works! The soft wire arm does what they claim...It keeps the fish from being able to throw the lure easily...It also creates for a higher hook up ratio overall in my opinion.

From: Morgan: Madison, WI

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