The Koppers Live Target Blueback Herring is the ideal bait when gamefish target schooling Herring. Its amazingly slender body is a triple segmented fuselage supported by tandem hinges. The Live Target Blue Herring offers an appealing profile and unbeatable action from all predatory views. Hardcore anglers will appreciate the tool which can be worked with a wide variety of applications to trigger bone jarring strikes. The tantalizing flash point effect of the Live Target Blueback Herring means the difference between fishin' and cachin'.

Live Target Blueback Herring Length Weight Sink Spped Class
Sinking (BBH114SK) 4.50" < 1oz 0.5'/sec Sinking
Fast Sink (BBH114FS) 4.50" > 1oz 1'/sec Sinking
Sinking (BBH140SK) 5.50" 1.62oz 0.5'/sec Sinking
Fast Sink (BBH140FS) 5.50" 1.75oz 1'/sec Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This thing is so freakin' beauitful! Just got mine. Looks amazing. Watched the product video and read the instructions. Catchin' me some LMBs!

From: Matt: NC 6/12/15

Comments: Fishing for muskies was slow i used every lure in my tackle, nothing was biting. So i went for a hike around the lake, and I found this lure on the shore of the lake with rusted dull hooks but the lure was in great shape so I hooked it on to my steel lead and casted out the lure 20 feet in the water just to see how it looks in the water. I was surprise on how realistic it moved an just 5 feet from the shore a 36 inch muskie comes out of no where and hooks on. I was surprised I caught a muskie with rusted dull hooks, after releasing the muskie I go and change the hooks and catch 10 more muskies before the day was through. That night I went home and ordered me set of these lures and now these are the only lures I use for muskie fishing.

From: Casey: Thoreau, NM

Comments: First cast on a heavily fished lake and managed to catch a 2.5LB bass. Not a bad start for the day.

From: Mark

Comments: awesome lure, I was thinking about koppers carp crankbait or swimbait or wakebait for European guys, that would be good going international and make new baits for international fisherman like carp for Europeans and Asian fish in other countries. They got the realism down for sure! awesome baits.

From: Alex

Comments: Great for lunker bass, and even small pike and muskie. fish around cover and just do a stright cast and retrieve. slow and steady wins the race

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