The Live Target Crawfish is the blend of an effective crankbait with attractive natural color patterns that will easily fool fish into biting. The anatomical 3-D texture generates multiple shadows and flash point effects, and the lure has an internal rattle chamber that mimics a fleeing crawfish. Approaching Bass fall victim to the life like profile and detail of the Koppers Live Target Crawfish. The lip design and intricate internal structure have been designed to travel through thick cover while softly deflecting off of objects with an accurate recovery. The Live Target Crawfish will become your go to crankbait when a crawfish presentation is needed.

Live Target Crawfish Length Weight Cranking Depth Class
Sub-Surface (52SB) 2-1/8" 3/8oz 0-1ft Floating
Shallow (52S) 2-1/8" 3/8oz 3-5ft Floating
Medium (52M) 2-1/8" 3/8oz 6-8ft Floating
Deep (52D) 2-1/8" 7/16oz 9-10ft Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The sub-surface model is my favorite shallow water river smallmouth crankbait by far! Definitely recommend it for river fisherman!

Comments: Amazing crankbait!!! good quality, worth the money. Does not get beat up like other cranks. If you live in an area like me where there are no shad, and the only other source is crawfish and perch. This bait does wonders!! remember, make contact!!! Have confidence and have fun! let that crankin' rod load up real good and let them have it! MATCH THE COLOR WITH THE CRAWS IN YOUR LAKE!

Comments: Best Crankbait I Have ever Used.caught tons of monsters on it on the detroit river, would definitley recomend, no doubt

From: Jake: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Comments: tHIS BAIT IS THE BEST CRAW FISH CRANKBAIT i HAVE EVER FISHED.WENT TO A LOCAL RIVER WHERE 10 POUNDS WILL USUALLY WIN A tOURAMENT.I HAD FIVE THAT WENT 16 POUNDS WHICH IS FANTASTIC FOR THIS RIVER.I have fished this river for 15 years and by far this was my best bag.I like the red orange.I highly recommd this bait

From: Erick: Richmond, VA

Comments: awesome crankbait when the bass are eating crayfish.  have caught alot of bass and the orange green color they seem to really like that one. cant wait till next summer!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: great crankbait, however id like to see a flat brown colour scheme with less bright colours

From: Jack: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Great crayfish crankbait! Flat out slayed them on the orange/brown color. My searchbait of choice!!

From: J.D.: Virginia, USA

Comments:If you like to use crawfish lure's, then you have to try these Kopper's. they cast great, they hook great and the paint job's are the most realistic I've ever seen. The bluegill and other lure's in the Kopper's line-up are also beautiful work's of art. there are a few great imposter's to show the fish but NONE better than any of this company's product's. try them all, you will not regret it!

From:Wes: Salinas, CA

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