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LIVETARGET Gizzard Shad Crankbait - $6.99 to $12.99

Delivering an incredibly lifelike imitation of one of the most prolific baitfish in the US - the Gizzard Shad - the Koppers Live Target Gizzard Shad Crankbait combines exceptional detail and a tantalizing action to accurately mimic this popular bass meal. Gizzard Shad are a schooling baitfish, native to Eastern and Central North America. They congregate along weed edges and over sandy and rock shoals, a big reason why bass and anglers target those same areas. Available in a variety of colors to adapt to changing fishing conditions, the Koppers Live Target Gizzard Shad Crankbait dives quickly thanks to its durable bill, and delivers a realistic presentation bass have trouble passing up.

Koppers Gizzard Shad Length Depth Class
GZC51M 2" 3-5 feet Suspending
GZC70M 2 3/4" 5-7 feet Suspending
GZC89M 3 1/2" 7-9 feet Suspending

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Comments: im with ake on this one i kill them on the detroit river and lake st-clair with this thing they kill it if you crank it down then stop pause for 1-2 seconds and small twitch then reel.

From: Shawn: tecumseh,ontario,canada

Comments: Best Detroit River Smallmouth Crankbait, Multiple 3 lbers and even many largemouth and walleye. recomend this lure no doubt about it

From: Jake: Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This bait flat out works. My first day of using this bait I caught boat loads of 2 ibers, some 3 ibers, and a 4 and 5 iber.

From: Justin: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: My go to crankbait. Amazing action and detail!

From: Kieran: Howell, MI

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Ghost Blue
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LIVETARGET Gizzard Shad Crankbait

6 Available Colors

  • Ghost Blue
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 2 $12.99
    70M 4 $12.99
    89M 5+ $6.99
  • Ghost Green
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 3 $12.99
    70M 3 $12.99
    89M 5+ $6.99
  • Silver Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 1 $12.99
    70M 2 $12.99
  • Silver Blue
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 5+ $12.99
    70M Out $12.99
    89M 5+ $6.99
  • Silver Gold
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 4 $12.99
    70M 1 $12.99
    89M 5+ $6.99
  • Silver Pearl
    Size Stock Price Qty
    51M 2 $12.99
    70M 1 $12.99
    89M 5+ $6.99