LIVETARGET Jointed Rainbow Smelt

LIVETARGET Jointed Rainbow Smelt

Like all of Live Target's lures, the Live Target Jointed Rainbow Smelt is built with an extreme anatomical accuracy that really comes to life in the water with the help of its jointed construction. The Live Target Jointed Rainbow Smelt is equipped with a weight transfer system that produces long distance casts, and also gives it a well-balanced, finely tuned movement straight out of the box. Targeted by a wide range of predatory species, the Koppers Live Target Jointed Rainbow Smelt provides a strong kick-tail action that triggers reactionary bites from bass, pike, and walleye alike. The Koppers Live Target Jointed Rainbow Smelt is as lifelike as they come and will have anglers everywhere pumping with adrenaline. 

Live Target Length Weight Class Depth
Jointed Rainbow Smelt 90  3-5/8" 5/16oz Floating 3-5ft
Jointed Rainbow Smelt 115  4-1/2" 5/8oz Floating 6-8ft

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1 Colors

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    Model No. RSJ90M205
    Silver Bronze
    Size Stock Qty
    5/16oz 1
    5/8oz 3

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