LIVETARGET Pumpkinseed Wakebait

Delivering a tantalizing surface and subsurface action thanks to its single-jointed construction and hard plastic bill, the Live Target Pumpkinseed Wakebait produces a wide swimming action perfect for generating strikes from large bass and gamefish.  Ultra realistic with detailed scale patterns, gills and fins, the Koppers Live Target Pumpkinseed Wakebait is ideal for imitating sunfish, which are so prevalent throughout most of the United States, and also a major forage for bass. 

Live Target Pumpkinseed Wakebait Length Weight Depth
PSW75T 3" 1/2oz 0-1ft
PSW95T 3-3/4" 1-3/8oz 0-1ft

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2 Colors

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    Model No. PSW75T102
    Metallic Gloss
    Size Stock Price Qty
    75T 5+ $16.99
    95T 5+ $19.99
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    Model No. PSW75T100
    Natural Matte
    Size Stock Price Qty
    75T 5+ $16.99
    95T 5+ $19.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Everything you heard and more. This bait catches trophy fish. Even Smallmouth in ultra clear water could not resist this crank. It really is amazing quality and engineering. You can even burn it to the max and it won't roll. Just a killer killer bait!! Can't say enough.

From: Jeremy: ME 7/4/16

Comments: Awesome little bait. I got the 75t model in natural matte & it definately catches fish. It works great when the bass don't want a topwater & the weeds are a little below the surface. You can run this thing right through there without getting hung up & they smash this thing. Very realistic with good hooks.

From: Kyle: PA 7/2/16

Comments: shoal bass slayer! If you fish shallow rocky rivers were you cannot fish squarebill crank baits, this is the bait you need. I've used this bait on the upper flint river for shoal bass and they crush this bait. Fish it with your rod tip up and hold on!

From: Brandon: Marietta, GA 12/19/15

Comments: My tournament partner lost this lure to me in a poker game. Best thing I've ever won. Next morning of the tournament, I was fishing a flat, Caught 9 fish in 2 hour's. Won the tournament with 22.07. Like all Kopper's bait's "There worth every penny". Or a full house, which ever come's first.

From: Shawn: Norman, OK

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