LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait

So detailed and realistic, the Live Target Smelt will have any angler pumping with adrenaline. The Live Target Smelt is the ultimate jerk bait, this tool has it all...weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, speed versatility; not to mention a smokin' profile and anatomy you'll have to see to believe. The Koppers Live Target Smelt's precise lip design and intricately positioned stabilizers are strategically aligned to offer a deadly 'rolling' and 'tail kick' combination to fuel predatory instincts. Throw it - pitch it - jerk it - twitch it... game on!

Live Target Rainbow Smelt Length Weight Depth Class
Deep (115D) 4.5" 5/8oz 7-9 feet Suspending
Shallow (115S) 4.5" 5/8oz 3-5 feet Suspending
Shallow (91D) 3.62" 5/16oz 5-7 feet Suspending
Shallow (91S) 3.62" 5/16oz 3-4 feet Suspending
Shallow (70D) 2.75" 1/8oz 5-6 feet Suspending
Shallow (70S) 2.75" 1/8oz 3-4 feet Suspending

1 Colors

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    Model No. RS91S202
    Silver Black
    Size Stock Qty
    91S 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Using the 915 shallow size and beside the paint being very fragile and chipping off easily this is a great jerkbait. As long as the ball is in the tail end before you cast it will fly like a bullet and never helicopter. When you pause after a few jerks the bait suspends perfectly and stops in its tracks right away. First day in the water the largemouths couldn't resist. The slashing erratic action is great. Let it sink a little before you first start working it or give it a gentle twitch so it dives down a bit otherwise it will pop out of the water. I can't wait to take this and use it for smallmouth fishing because I know it will work like a dream.

From: Daniel: MD 5/13/14

Comments: These lures are made out of cheap material. I really like the color patterns; they are unbelievably good, but the material of the patterns are made out of a tin foil material. Therefore, as soon as you get a chip, the whole color scheme on the lure starts peeling off.  For example, the ventral fins chip right off, causing the whole material to peel.  In addition, the material also dry rots in heat, unlike lures that have actual paint on them.  For the amount of money this company charges for their lures, its a shame they use such cheap material.

From: Matthew: Oak Ridge State, NJ

Comments: Great bait. Love fishing it at night for walleyes.  Rod tip high and twitch and pause it a foot or two under the surface. Only complaint is that suspending characteristics are not consistent.  Some lures sink, others slightly bouyant.  I've been experimenting with hook sizes to get my baits to suspend or float up ever so slowly.  Sinking baits = deadly snags where I fish.

From: Mike: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Awesome bait! First day I used it, I had a 19 pound limit of largemouth in the matter of 4 hours. Big fish were 8 and 6.5 pounds. These baits are fun to fish and get bit.

From: Marty: San Luis Obispo, CA

Comments: This is the best running Koppers lure I have used. And it consistently produces fish. It has great action and it is fun to fish with. It is the best jerkbait on the market.

From: Eric: Michigan

Comments: fish love jerkbaits and this one is the most realistic both under water and in the box.  Beutiful bait that catches fish.

From: Bunker: Haymarket, VA

Comments: Very impressed with this lure.  Awesome action, durable, casts really well, looks great, and, most importantly, catches fish.  Have had stripers, bucketmouths, and big squawfish (I like squawfishing) eat this lure.  A nice, cheaper alternative to some of Lucky Craft's lures, although, in my experience, it fishes just as well.  Next time I donate a Slender Pointer or Staysee to the bottom, I'll be replacing 'em with this lure.

From: Ron: CA Delta

Comments: Rainbow trout in the north channel of Lake Huron have been absolutely murdering this bait. I can not believe how well it performs. I now have a supply of them in my tackle bag, because every once in a while I get stupid and a big rainbow takes one away on me.

From: Dan: Sheguiandah, Ontario, Canada

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