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LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Floating Jerkbait - $12.99

The Live Target Yellow Perch is a deadly tool for targeting most freshwater gamefish. All models of the Live Target Yellow Perch are built with a strategic internal weight transfer system which also acts as an attractive low frequency rattle. The shallow model is a speed versatile lure, while the deeper model is geared for a slower retrieve. If you have been looking for a perch bait that will entice even the wariest trophy...look no further than the Koppers Live Target Yellow Perch.

Live Target Yellow Perch Length Weight Cranking Depth Class
YP73M (3/8) 2 7/8 in. 3/8oz 3-5 feet Floating
YP73D (3/8) 2 7/8 in. 3/8oz 6-8 feet Floating
YP96M (9/16) 3 5/8 in. 9/16oz 3-5 feet Floating
YP98D (11/16) 3 5/8 in. 11/16oz 7-10 feet Floating

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Comments: Awesome lure. It can be trolled or cast and always runs true! I use it in the northern states where perch are the main forage base. Walleye and norhtern pike love it. The florescent matte is the best all around color. I use the 73m and 96m. This is the most realistic perch bait anywhere.

From: G: Omaha,Ne

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LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Floating Jerkbait

3 Available Colors

  • Florescent Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    YP73D 5+
    YP73M 4
    YP96M 5
    YP98D 2
  • Metallic Gloss
    Size Stock Qty
    YP73D 5+
    YP73M 4
    YP96M 5+
    YP98D 3
  • Natural Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    YP73D 2
    YP73M 3
    YP96M 4
    YP98D 3