Ideal when bass are targeting schooling Herring, the Koppers Live Target Blueback Herring Wakebait offers unparalleled detail and realism.  Blueback Herring are commonly found inland throughout the South Eastern and South Central United States.  Often associated with offshore thermal structures, schooling adolescents and adults are often preyed upon by Largemouth and Striped Bass as well as other large freshwater gamefish.  Featuring a single jointed construction and hard plastic bill, the Live Target Blueback Herring Wakebait delivers a seductive surface and subsurface action.     

Blueback Herring Wakebait Length Weight Depth
BBW88T 3-1/2" 1/2oz 0-1ft
BBW114T 4-1/2" 7/8oz 0-1ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Caught some real nice bass (small mouth and largemouth) but one of the two that I bought the paint started peeling off, still great products

From: Colin: Elk County, PA 10/21/14

Comments: Wakes great, dosen't sink unless you change your rod position, But I got the larger model. Good all around lure I love it!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: The 3.5" version sinks and only wakes on a fast retrieve.  It has a tight wiggleing action that looks ok, but there are better finesse "wakebaits" out there.

From: James: Johnson City, TN

Comments: This thing looks great and has a great swim. Wakes real nice at a medium retrive. Bring on the schooling bite!

From: Mark: Roanoke, VA

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