LIVETARGET Bluegill Wakebait

Bluegills are very common throughout most of the United States, and as most anglers know they can be a popular forage for bass. The Live Target Bluegill Wakebait was designed for targeting the big bass and game fish that feed on bluegill. Extremely detailed and lifelike with its realistic gill plates, scales and fin patterns, the Live Target Bluegill Wakebait also features a durable, single-jointed construction. Available in a couple of proven colors, the water displacement created by the Koppers Live Target Bluegill Wakebait’s wide swimming action produces a moderate surface commotion proven to generate explosive strikes. 

Live Target Length Weight Depth
BGW75T 3" 1/2oz 0-1ft
BGW95T 3-3/4" 1-3/8oz 0-1ft

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2 Colors

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    Model No. BGW75T102
    Metallic Gloss
    Size Stock Price Qty
    75T 5+ $16.99
    95T 5+ $19.99
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    Model No. BGW75T100
    Natural Matte
    Size Stock Price Qty
    75T 5+ $16.99
    95T 5+ $19.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait has a great action, and will flare out erratically side to side with short twitches of the rod, this triggers a lot of strikes. On a slow, steady retrieve, it will wake on the surface. A bit faster retrieve takes it down about 6" to a foot. A lethal lure.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 7/4/16

Comments: This lure works great! I fished for 3 hours and caught over 30 bass. One of them was over 6 pounds. This lure can be fished on the surface or like a square bill. Obviously it's very realistic with some amazing hooks.

From: Spence: VA 5/25/16

Comments: Great wakebait with a nice swimming motion. There's just the right amount of back and forth swimming with minimal roll. I was actually pretty impressed with the fact you can control the depth simply by lifting or lowering the rod tip no matter how far out the bait is. This is not the case with most wakebaits so good on Livetarget for coming through in that regard. Great finish and hooks that you wont need to change the second you open the package.

From: Hydrilla Gorilla: Lake Seminole, GA 1/26/15

Comments: Adding on to my previous comment about the eye falling off, I contacted LiveTarget and after sending them a photo of the bait missing the eye, they sent me a new bait!  Great customer service!

From: Dan: Valrico, FL, USA

Comments: Just to update my previous review, I contacted LIVETARGET and told them about the eye falling off, they sent me a new bait.  Great customer service!

From: Dan: Valrico, FL, USA

Comments: I use this early morning in summer and it gets nailed by both bass and gar.  Have caught bass using as wake bait and cranking it in faster where it will swim ~1 foot under the surface  I have a couple of the LiveTarget Bluegill crank baits that I tie on later in day that also get hit more than other crank baits.  Only problem with this one is one of the eyes fell off after the first day of using it (still gets nailed with one eye).

From: Dan: Valrico, FL, USA

Comments: Caught one first time I used it when other crankbaits weren't getting hit.  Sadly, one of the eyes fell off after about 2 hours of use.

From: Dan: Valrico, FL

Comments: Best lure I own. First cast realed it about 4 ft wack caught a 7lb slaunch. WILL BUY MORE!!!

From: Tyler: Mt. Juliet, TN

Comments: I bought this bait back in the winter and hid it away in my box until the other morning, July 21, I cast the bait and just as I started to reel it in, bam, a 6 pound largemouth loaded upon it. This is the first time that I have caught a fish of that size on my first cast with a new bait. I fished for another 2 hours until it got to hot to fish. I caught 4 more good bass between 2 and 3 pounds. The bait has a great wake action and the beauty of the bait is awesome. They look so real that live bluegill come up and check it out. I went ahead and ordered me 2 more of these guys for next year after the spawn, because I know the bass will eat them when they think they are about to raid their nest.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: It's July 20, 2011 it's hot and the humity is unbearable but I love to fish. I received my Koppers Bluegill wakebait and had to try it, on my second cast landed a 3lb bass the lure works just as advertised can't wait for this heat to pass in MD so I can get out and really catch the big ones with this lure.

From: Melvin: Waldorf, Maryland

Comments: Tied this on for the first time last weekend - the action was GREAT !!! I did not boat any fish on it.... SOON though !!

From: Pete

Comments: I can't wait to get it in the water. I just received my koppers bluegill wakebait and I am amazed at the lifelike appearance that is built into these baits. The quality is amazing and the detail that is put into the construction will really blow your mind. I always try my baits out in my swimming pool and I could not believe the action that this bait has. I will follow up on how well it catches fish as soon as the weather warms up enough in Tn. Ordering new baits in the winter causes that fishing urge to really take over.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: this lure is amazing, i was givin to me by my nephew and i have caught so many fish on it, of witch include a 5 1/2 pounder and a 8 pounder, i love it and will never go fishing without it.

From: Bill: Florida, USA

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