A great addition to the Live Target Crawfish family, this beefy brother to the smaller 2 1/8" model will be the hottest bait of the season. A chunky bait for a chunky bass.

The Live Target Crawfish is the blend of an effective crankbait with attractive natural color patterns that will easily fool fish into biting. The anatomical 3-D texture generates multiple shadows and flash point effects, and the lure has an internal rattle chamber that mimics a fleeing crawfish. Approaching Bass fall victim to the life like profile and detail of the Koppers Live Target Crawfish. The lip design and intricate internal structure have been designed to travel through thick cover while softly deflecting off of objects with an accurate recovery. The Live Target Crawfish will become your go to crankbait when a crawfish presentation is needed.

Live Target Crawfish Length Weight Depth Class
Sub-Surface (64SB) 2-1/2" 1/2oz 0-1ft Floating
Shallow (64S) 2-1/2" 1/2oz 5-6ft Floating
Medium (64M) 2-1/2" 5/8oz 8-10ft Floating
Deep (64D) 2-1/2" 3/4oz 17-20ft Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I now have 2 of these. I am sad to say this is a poor product from Livetarget. The it looks good in your hand but both of mine do not dive. The just spin. I have tried tuning and tweeting but deep divers are just not their thing it seems.

From: MieZ: Chesapeake, VA 7/24/15

Comments: The profile and action of this bait looks look a typical "stubby" crankbait.  I'm not the least bit convinced that fish actually see all of the detail in this bait and bite it thinking that it's a crayfish, especially when it's moving.

From: Jeff

Comments: Great pond crank!

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: These are great baits, especially in the fall for smallmouth.  My best strikes come when I'm working these around pilings, bouncing them off rocks and other structure, and slowing them waay down and varying the retrieve speed.  Fish have been in the 3-4 pound range.  The fish are deep in fall, so the deeper I can get this lure, the better.

From: Joe: NW Washington State

Comments: I think the entire Koppers craw line-up is great.  I have won a tournament using these exclusively.  They don't get hung up as bad in brush as many other brands I've used.  They seem to have just a little different sound that fires them up in packs.  I love the deep diver!

From: Jeremy: Iowa, USA

Comments: This lure seem to work for the one pounders. It looks like a craw dad but I don't think it looks like a caw to the fish. Good vibration and wobble.

From: Thomas: Texas, USA

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