LIVETARGET Crawfish Deep Diving Crankbait - $12.99

Taking you deeper than any bait in Live Target Crawfish Series, Live Target has added the Live Target Crawfish Deep Diving Crankbait to their incredibly popular crawfish series. The exquisitely detailed Crawfish Deep Diving Crankbait features a flash point effect that entices bass and walleye alike to come and take a closer look. The Live Target Crawfish Deep Diving Crankbait zips through the water with a tantalizing wiggle, deflecting off of structure, and clanking on the bottom to trigger explosive strikes. If you’re looking for a tasty crustacean to put some bend in your rod, then look no further than Koppers Live Target Crawfish Deep Dive Crankbait. 

Live Target Crawfish Length Weight Depth
Deep Diving CDD65D 2-1/2" 5/8oz 13+ft
Deep Diving CDD75D 3" 1oz 16+ft
Brown Chartreuse
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LIVETARGET Crawfish Deep Diving Crankbait

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  • Brown Chartreuse
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  • Ghost Green
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  • Green Tan
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