A must have, the Koppers Live Target Crawfish Trap is an ideal combination of a lipless rattle tool and a 'fleeing' crawfish. The Live Target Crawfish Trap's anatomical 3-D texture generates multiple shadow and flash point effects, fooling even the wariest game fish. The internal mechanics are enhanced by a rattle chamber that drives a harmonic frequency attracting predators. Work the Koppers Live Target Crawfish Trap with a 'retrieve and drop' style application over grass tips, pound a rocky bottom or simply chuck and wind.

Live Target Crawfish Trap Length Weight Depth Class
CV76SK 3" 3/4oz B-5 ft Sinking
CV64SK 2 1/2" 1/2oz B-3 ft Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Crazy sharp hooks! Amazing color! Great subtle rattle, with a tight wobble for those early season bass. I have caught so many fish on this lure the first day I used it. Northerns love it too.

From: Tyler: MN 5/26/15

Comments: It's the best for rocks and ledges. It only has bead rattles making it a bit more subtle. This lure managed to last me a couple of months until one day my reel snapped and it cut my line, sending my baby flying.

From: Mike: WI 5/5/15

Comments: This is a great lure. The action on this lure is really lifelike and it grabs the attention of nearby bass. The downside to this lure is that it hangs very easily on structure. You will lose this lure if your not careful, but this lure produces so you will have to weigh your options.

From: Yakenstein: Hickory, NC 6/30/14

Comments: This is a fantastic bait.  Killer on weed flats for many species. In one afternoon last summer, I caught 7 species of fish with this lure, but the majority were Largies and Smallies.  Easy to fish and it really produces!

From: Dave: Brockville, Canada 3/4/14

Comments: Great lure! Sharp hooks! Good buy!

Comments: This is the only lure I could catch a largemouth with this weekend. Will buy more!

From: Trey: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: This lure casts like a bullet, and it is great for largemouth.  I lost it before i could hit some smallmouth lakes, but i imagine it would be great.

From: Nicklas: Michigan

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