The Live Target Gizzard Shad Vibration Trap offers an incredibly lifelike imitation of one of the most prolific baitfish in the US - the Gizzard Shad. A popular meal for large bass - Gizzard Shad tend to congregate along weed edges and over sandy and rock shoals - exactly where bass hide in wait for unsuspecting prey. Featuring realistic scale patterns, gills, fins, and a tantalizing action, its enhanced rattle chamber emits a harmonic frequency proven to attract hunting bass and gamefish like moths to a light. The Koppers Live Target Gizzard Shad Vibration Trap is also available in a series of proven color variations to help you adjust to changing fishing conditions.

Live Target Gizzard Shad Trap Length Weight Class
2 1/2" 1/2oz Sinking
3" 3/4oz Sinking
3 1/2" 1oz Sinking

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