LIVETARGET Tilapia Lipless Crankbait - $12.99

Effective at any depth, the Live Target Tilapia Lipless Crankbait features exquisite details and an advanced rattle system. A sought-after snack by bass, Tilapia populate many lakes and rivers throughout the Southern United States. With its tight wobbling movement, three-dimensional eyes, and intricate paint job, the Live Target Tilapia Lipless Crankbait creates an attractive side flash and an enticing presentation. Its multi-chamber rattle system uses a combination of brass, steel, and lead beads to make it the center of attention whenever it's in the water. Whether burned close to the surface, or retrieved at a slower rate near the bottom, the Koppers Live Target Tilapia Lipless Crankbait produces however it’s fished. A bite-sized meal for any bass, the Koppers Live Target Tilapia is sure to put a bend in your rod. 

Live Target Length Weight
Tilapia  65SK 2-1/2" 3/8oz
Tiiapia 75SK 3" 5/8oz
Natural Green
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LIVETARGET Tilapia Lipless Crankbait

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  • Natural Green
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  • Pearl Silver
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Comments: Best crankbait i have ever used. I received mine last week and didn't have an opportunity to use it until Saturday. It was very cold and windy here Saturday and i was not expecting much. Within one hour i had caught 17 Largemouths with the smallest one being a solid pounder. Great. Great lure and very good results! i will definitely be purchasing more.

From: Alex: Juliette, GA 11/3/14

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