Maneuvering on or just below the surface, the Live Target Tilapia Wakebait features a single jointed body and hard plastic bill, which help it produce a wide wobbling action and a tremendous disturbance in the water. The Live Target Tilapia Wakebait accurately imitates a favorite snack for big bass throughout the Southern United States, and makes an ideal option for anglers looking to fill their livewells. An incredible amount of detail has been incorporated into every aspect of the Koppers Live Target Tilapia Wakebait from the 3-dimensional eyes to the meticulous scaling and fins. The Koppers Live Target Tilapia Wakebait is a perfect choice for imitating Tilapia and enticing big bass with a scrumptious treat. 

Live Target Length Weight
Tilapia Wakebait 85S 3-1/4" 0.75oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This thing is SICK! It does everything it advertises. Rod tip up=sick wake. Rod tip middle=just under the surface. Rod tip down=no deeper than 1 foot. Reel fast, pause it then reel again & HANG ON! Caught 4 decent ones in an hour on Weiss.

From: Chad: Acworth, GA 6/1/14

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