Perfect for open water situations, the Live Target Walking Frog features a hard, anatomically correct body design with all the attributes to attract big fish. It effortlessly glides from side-to-side on the retrieve in a tantalizing walk-the-frog action, and you can fish it around docks, sparse vegetation, or anywhere you would fish a normal walking-type bait. Available in a variety of extremely detailed and realistic color combinations, the Koppers Live Target Walking Frog takes topwater fishing to the next level.

Live Target Walking Frog Length Weight Class
FGW105T 4-1/8" 5/8oz Topwater
FGW118T 4-5/8" 7/8oz Topwater

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6 Colors

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    Model No. FGW105T-512
    Florescent Green Yellow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    105T 3 $13.49
    118T 5+ $14.49
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    Model No. FGW118T-508
    Green Brown
    Size Stock Price Qty
    118T 3 $14.49
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    Model No. FGW105T-509
    Green Sienna
    Size Stock Price Qty
    105T 1 $13.49
    118T 5+ $9.87
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    Model No. FGW105T500
    Green Yellow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    105T 4 $13.49
    118T 5+ $14.49
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    Model No. FGW105T502
    Tan Brown
    Size Stock Price Qty
    105T 5 $13.49
    118T 5 $14.49
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    Model No. FGW118T-511
    Yellow Blue
    Size Stock Price Qty
    118T 5+ $9.87

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great bait, love it walks like a dream but. CHANGE THE HOOKS!!! I lost a personal best fish due to these hooks. There very sharp but not strong one of my hooks on the treble snapped and the back treble bent out and I lost the fish. I cant believe it though I've never broke a treble due to a bass.

From: Nick: NY 7/27/14

Comments: In my opinion it's the best walking bait on the market. I've got at least two in my tackle box at all times just incase a pike snatches one away. Super easy to use, even if you're new to walking baits as I was at first. I mainly use the tan brown colour but have had good luck with bright green as well. Works amazing on hot summer mornings when the water's still calm. My personal record of 24 largies in one morning outing is on this lure and I'm convinced that there's no way thats more fun to catch them. It's a pricy lure but it's worth even penny. I recommend this lure to everyone.

From: Victor: St. Catharines, Canada 4/15/14

Comments: it has become my favorite wtd type lure for sure, not because it looks like a frog at all but because this really is convienent to work. You can even work it rod tip straight up and it walks away...

Comments: This lure is sure fun to use on a calm evening. Cast up against the bank, let it just sit there with a slight twitch here and there, it looks like a real frog. And then the water erupts as a bass slams the lure and it's game on. It is definitely a lure well worth the money, and it's also very unique. All around, this is a well made lure. And you'll have fun using it.

From: Eric: MI

Comments: This lure screams, "PLEASE MR BASS, PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!!" then BAMM!! she's gone. Walks the dog good, very fun bait!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

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