The Lake Fork Tackle Craw has the natural likeness of a live crawfish. The Lake Fork Craw's natural profile, appearance and life-like claws imitate the action of a real crawfish trying to escape. The lure also features a "ringed" tail section that releases air bubbles to create a breathing action while concealing the hook, making it virtually weedless in heavy cover. The hollow mid section of the Lake Fork Craw makes for easy rigging of both the Texas Rig and the ever-productive Carolina Rig.

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The most realistic craw I could find and the smallies love these things.

From: God's Country, ND

Comments: I have this same bait only its Big Bite Bait made, I also pull off about a 1/4in off the tail and Texas rig with a 4/0  Gamakatsu hook and it works very well just make sure to get a good hook-set!

From: Zach: Nashville, IN

Comments: Up North I pinch off the extra tail to the flare and rig Texas rig with a EWG 2/0 in very early Spring. Deadly!!!!!

From: OfishAl: IN

Comments: The hollow mid-section is great! I put a Foam earplung in em' and C-Rig em' in the Summer Time! DEADLY!

From: Rusty: Texas, Where else?

Comments: I wish I had the same results with the Yum craw for their easier to find in my local stores. For me this Lake Fork Craw out performs the Yum.. My go to bait in the Green Pumpkin!

From: Jon: Thornton, CO

Comments:This is pretty much a yum craw bug with an extended rear section. Still a great bait though don't get me wrong, but i just think it was messed up of Lake Fork Lure Co. to take a yum patented bait and call it their own because they are exactly alike.

From:Alan: Talbott, TN

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