The Lake Fork Tackle Craw Tube provides the best of both a crawfish and a tube lure. The Craw Tube features a hollow ringed body, crawfish claws, and backed with a tube style skirt. Lake Fork Tackle has made the head of the bait solid, allowing the bait to remain secure to the hook. The Craw Tube takes all of the best characteristics of flipping and pitching baits and combines them into one unbelievable fish-catching package.

Length Quantity
4" 7

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My go to bait now, never fails to at least get a limit. Works great flipping, and also on a shaky head. Always stock up when you can. The best colors are always hard to find.

From: Drake: Steven Point, WI

Comments: I got the 4" Lake Fork Tube Craw in Green Pumpkin and threw it on a 1/4 oz. football jig last spring. My first fish was over 3 lbs., and they were killing it! The lure holds attractant well. My advice is to use a wide gap hook, (no smaller than 4.0), as the tube body may want to wad up when you set the hook. I also dip-dyed the tentacles in chartreuse, drove 'em mad!

From: Ralph: Mooresville, NC

Comments: Great bait, has always been my go to in the spring. It is too bad you can't find the good colors any more. I have had to turn to Big Bite for what I need. Besides it is the same bait just different scent.

From: John: Arlington, TX

Comments: This is not your normal tube. The profile is quite a bit larger than most and the bait is longer. This gives it a "best of both worlds" feel when comparing it to other tubes and bigger flipping baits. I bed fished with it so I can't comment on the fall, but its great to have a bait that can fish like a jig and have the claws stand up so well, go through thicker cover if need be, as well as having that flare and wiggle of the tentacles to entice the fish. After pitching jigs and beaver baits at the bed fish, the LFT craw tube ended up getting bit because of the thinner profile than the jig and the finesse capabilities provided by the tentacles. There was a noticeable reaction from some very skittish bed fish at the slightest shake. A couple agressive ones were caught after about 2 minutes on this bait and more stubborn fish were able to be caught period. Going to flip docks this weekend so we'll see how good the action on the fall is.

Comments: love these tubes. i love flipping soft plastics and these things never fail me. pretty durable too. 1/4 ounce weight texas rigged on a 4/0 heavy cover hack attack flippin hook and the slow tantalizing fall kills it. GET U SOME!

From: Tyler: The Nasty Nati, Ohio

Comments: Always have one of these tied on. Definitely one of my go to baits! Never leave home without these!

From: Elliott: Tanner, AL

Comments: So these guys were fishing by me then they moved down and i took there spot and they told I probaly wouldnt catch anything because they have been fishing all day there.So the first cast with this crawtube (fork secret) I had a solid 18 incher,there faces were suprised as ever when they saw what i caught.So that was a fun time....get yourself some lake fork crawtubes and catch some fish.

From: Noah: IA

Comments: Fished with these for the last few months and have caught some really nice bass.  Texas rigged with 3/8 ounce weight in the crawfish color.

From: Todd: Arlington, VA

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