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Lakemaster Humminbird Digital Charts - $124.95 to $149.99

Lakemaster Humminbird Digital Charts delivers the most up-to-date cartography of your favorite lakes across the US. Made exclusively for viewing on all Humminbird color combo models, the Lakemaster Hummingbird Digital Charts are jam-packed with more lakes than ever before. More lakes, in higher resolution allow tournament anglers to quickly and effectively gain an understanding of foreign bodies of water when on the tournament trail. Enhanced data has been added to a host of previously profiled lakes, offering in-depth and detailed layouts that include water levels, and the ability to highlight depth ranges. Compatible with i-Pilot, the Lakemaster Humminbird Digital Charts offers an immeasurable advantage against fish and the competition. 

SD Card Format compatible with Humminbird GPS Fishfinders

-i-Pilot Link Compatible
-Easy to read contours
-Depth Highlight Range
-Water Level Offset
-Shallow Water Highlight
-Scrollable Lake list

Dakota-Nebrask Edition – Now offering a total of 320 lake maps. The high definition layouts are filled with newly surveyed lake such as, Waubay, Bitter, Thompson, and Sakakawea.  (Version 4)

Great Lakes Edition - Features a total of 930 lake maps, including 90 new lakes for Ohio. Many lakes have been revamped to include higher resolution imaging, like the Ohio River, Patoka, Brookville, Kentucky Lake, and Chickamauga. (Version 4)

Great Plains Edition- Newly enhanced mapping of 150 lakes makes for clear navigation and easier fishing on lakes like Keith Sebelius, Kirwin Reservoir, Waconda, Webster Reservoir and Wilson. (Version 4)

Minnesota Edition – Features a whopping 2130 total lakes with 346 in high definition contours. In this latest version, 22 new high-definition lakes have been added, including Turtle River, Spider Lake, Pleasant Lake, and Grande Lake. (Version 4)

Wisconsin Edition – This latest version includes a break down of Lake Michigan in 5ft and 10ft contours, as well as, Green Bay, Big Bay De Noc, Little Bay De Noc, and Sturgeon bay in 3ft contours. Also included is enhanced data for Western Lake Superior, Duluth Harbor, Superior Harbor, St. Louis River and Fox River. (Version 4)

Western States Edition – The Western States Edition of the Lakemaster Digital Charts provides anglers with an extensive layout of over 1100 lakes in AZ, CA, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY. With 77 lakes in high-definition, the Lakemaster Digital Charts Western States Edition provides detailed high-resolution images of popular bodies of water, like Clear Lake, Don Pedro Lake, Lake Oroville, and Shasta Lake.  

Comments: Recently picked up the great lakes card. I compared the maps of my home lake on Navionics and Lakemaster.  The "HD" map on lakemaster of my lake is amazing.  Way better detail than my navionics card on the same lake.  It showed small humps and cuts I didn't know existed before and I fish the lake a lot. (I believe they claim they send out an actual sonar boat to get lake depth readings for their HD maps) The feature which allows you to set depth warnings is kind of neat but more of just a added in selling point.  I've never needed it in the past...  However,  the bad, the list of lakes is extremely subpar.  I believe there are like 12 to 15 Missouri lakes compared to navionics which has almost all public lakes of decent size.  Another negative, once you buy the card you are done.  If they come out with a new version(which they claim to do all the time) you are stuck shelling out another 125 bucks, where navionics allows you free updates for a year and discount to upgrade after that.

Bottom line - If they have your home lakes in HD, highly recommend, otherwise save your money.

Bottom line, check out the list of HD lakes, if the ones you fish most are on it, I'd highly recommend, otherwise, stick to the Navionics. 

Comments: disappointing would be a good way to describe lakemasters sd card. The new features are great, but if the lake is not HD it's worse than paper maps. The non HD lakes don't show any typical marked structures, creek beds, road beds. Wish I wouldn't have sold my old navionics chips. The hd lakes are great, but like I said it is the basic outline of the other lakes.

From: Jeremy: IA

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Lakemaster Humminbird Digital Charts

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