These three models of Lamiglas Certified Pro Fiberglass rods represent a real breakthrough in fiberglass rod technology. Fiberglass is known for soft, forgiving actions but carries a reputation for being heavy in the hand, unresponsive and lacking in sensitivity. Not so with the Lamiglas Pro Fiberglass series. These rods feel light in the hand but have plenty of power for throwing big cranks, for setting the hook solidly, and moving heavy fish. The two cranking rods have the action you'd expect from a cranking rod; soft and slow, so you won't pull the bait away from a fish that is trying to eat it and to keep the treble hooks from ripping out if a big one lunges on short line. The 705R is the most unique rod in the lineup. Light and fast, but with the forgiving nature of fiberglass, this rod can handle anything up to really big cranks with the 1.5-ounce lure rating, but it really shines for ripbaits and cranks in the mid-weights. These rods are light, soft, and tough and can help you put fish in the boat. These are rods we use and believe in.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The rod handles well, no complaints there.  I am a bit disappointed in the quality of the cork though...should be much better for a $200 cranking rod!

From: John: St Louis, MO

Comments:I have XCF705 for mid and small crankbaits fishing, for lipless crankbaits and jerking LuckyCraft 78+100Pointers. Perfect action for this applications(Moderate action glassfiber rod(?)....hmm,hmm...I rather think Fast-Moderate). Very good sensitive, long casting and nice look rod...not cheap glassfiber rod, but of course I recommend!

From:Petr: Czech Republic

Comments:The 705R is an awesome rod for fishing lipless cranks over and around vegetation. I can rip the baits out of weeds and get a solid hook set, unlike some cranking rods. A little expensive for some but if you have the money get it or ask for it as a Christmas present like I did.

From:Nunya: South Florida, USA

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