Specifically designed for throwing umbrella rigs, the Lamiglas Certified Pro Umbrella Rig Rod is the latest addition to the legendary Lamiglas Certified Pro Series. Featuring a technically precise action perfect for lobbing umbrella rigs with accuracy, the added length of the rod also assists with casting distance and clearing line on hooksets. The rod’s moderate taper provides just the right amount of flex to set the hook and keep the fish pinned, and a split grip handle configuration and absence of a fore grip helps reduce weight, while balancing out each rod perfectly.  Also equipped with premium Fuji components, the Lamiglas Certified Pro Umbrella Rig Rod has what it takes for fishing umbrella rigs.

Backed by Lamiglas' Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this rod after throwing A-rigs on a 7' 11" Excel series Lamiglas. I was impressed with this rod as well and it doubles as a great rod to throw the 10XD.  The eyes on this rod are much better than the excel series that I have.  I can not wait for spring next year to throw the A-rig with x-zone swammers again.

From: Larry: Louiville, KY

Comments: I bought the umbrella rig rod for the obvious, my umbrella rig's.  I was excited to try a lamiglass rod, this would be my first, and unfortunately it will be my last.  After inspecting the rod, I realized that the guides were off center, and they were crooked as well.  Not gonna work with 65 lb braid, and not gonna work for 200 bucks.  Dobyn's and Loomis have never done me wrong.

From: Adam: San Diego, CA

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