Finally an American-made series of rods that can compete with the features, performance and price point of imported fishing rods. Every Lamiglas Excel Casting Rod is assembled in the US on a blank hand rolled in Lamiglas's Woodland, Washington facility, where the rods are also wrapped and finished. Previously substantial price differences between rods made overseas compared with those produced in the US have barred many anglers from purchasing American-made rods. With escalating costs overseas, Lamiglas put it on themselves to make a difference by delivering an affordable US-made rod series with quality blanks and components.

Featuring Lamiglas' proprietary, ultra-sensitive IM Graphite blank construction, the Lamiglas Excel Bass Casting Rods deliver lightweight performance in a variety of technique-specific lengths and actions. In addition, durable American Tackle Halide Guides compliment the blank's sensitivity and strength, while minimizing friction for longer, more precise casting. The Fuji Exposed Blank Reel Seat also helps facilitate a greater transfer of sensitivity into the angler's hands by putting the anglers fingers in direct contact with the rod blank. Delivering excellent leverage for hard fights and solid hooksets, the Split-Grip Handle Design, complete with premium Cork Grips is ideal for steering hard fighting bass away from trouble while also providing practical, all-day comfort. Complete with an attractive, deep-metallic, copper finish, the Lamiglas Excel Bass Casting Rods provide a viable option for anglers looking for affordable, high-quality American-made rods.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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Tackle Tour Review
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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring space-age graphite composite blanks composed of revolutionary resins, the Lamiglas infinity Bass Casting Rods are handcrafted in the US to deliver incredible sensitivity, strength and durability.

  • Delivering pro level performance, the Lamiglas Pro X Bass Casting Rods features small diameter blanks that deliver excellent sensitivity and strength, all while remaining incredibly lightweight.

  • Putting the performance the pro's demand in your hands, the Lamiglas Pro X Bass Flipping Rods deliver the perfect power and action for flipping and pitching applications.

  • A great swimbait and big bait rod, the Lamiglas X-11 Casting Rod can handle baits from one to eight ounces, move big baits with authority for solid hook sets, and launch casts a country mile.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I love the Lamiglas rods. I own 5 of these rods and I have been using them for over 4 years now and I have yet to have a problem with them. They are light as a feather and fit great in your hands. The only problem that I see is the price. I paid 109.00 for mine when I bought them and now they are 139.00. To me that is a big price hike that hurts me from buying more. I know you have to raise the price to survive, but I think 30 bucks is a lot in 4 years. This won't keep me from buying the rods but it would help me to buy more if the price was lower. Great rods and I highly recommend the rods.

From: Wiliam: Hohenwald, TN 4/23/14

Comments: I have only had the XL705C rod for a little over two months now, and it was a great rod for flippn/pitchin. I read a couple reveiws about the guides coming out and i thought it was bad luck on the owners part. I assumed he mite have not of taken care of his rod. who knows. I however take extremely good care of all my tackle, and just the other day a guide popped out. on further examination i found that allot of the guides appoxy that keeps them intact with the rod is gone. tryed to return it cause of my warrenty, couldnt, looked into it further you need proof of purchase. my fault for not keeping the reciet but damn that is not a good warrentry if you dont have a reciet, so watch out when you buy. And keep your reciet.

From: J: Post Falls, Idaho

Comments: Bought a 7' med rod and the action is great. Best spinnerbait rod that I've used. However, three of the ceramic linings on the guides have fallen off. Tough decision to make with so many rods to choose from.

From: Bryan: Pratt, Kansas, USA

Comments: I love these rods, just got the 7'3" medium as my worm/jig/small swim bait rod and its great! Maximum quality for the price, fuji guides/reel seat, good quality cork, all in all a great rod for a great price. Pick one up before the price does

From: Jake: Cocoa, FL

Comments: I have 9 of these excel rods and its because they are amazing.  I have a 7' ML in micro guide and it is the best jerkbait and squarebill rod out there.  I have proof I won the WI river series championship with this rod.  I am only disappointed with the price 2 yrs ago when they came out they were $20 cheaper now more people found out about them and there quality.  You will not be disappointed even at $139.99, but in my mind everything could be cheaper.

From: Andy: Medford, WI

Comments: Great rod, Horrible guides!!! had the ceramic in one crack, the ceramic in another guide come out, and another guide came completely off!! The hook you hang your lure on could have been in a better spot and made better as well.

From: Alan: SC

Comments: I bought the 7'11'' Heavy for a few applications and it is a work horse!!! I've caught a few green over 5 lbs on Koppers frogs & Mice w/ a Curado 201 E7 high speed reel and braid. It wasn't even fair how easy they were to land (don't foget to let them eat it before the power of this rod jams the hook in their mouth!!!). I use it w/ the same reel for pitching, punching and flipping. Supeb strength!! Pair this rod w/ a Abu Garcia Revo Winch and 20 lb floro and you have a deadly swimbait rig specifically for 6'' hudds and the less heavy A-rigs! Get a few!!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: bought the ML. Was hesitant to buy something I've never felt before but every review on here is spot on. These rods are awesome! Paired it with a curado 50e and its my favorite combo now. Thought I was a crucial guy until I got my Lamiglas in my hands. I will be buying more!

From: Jay: San Diego, CA

Comments:  I now own 5 of the Lamiglas fishing rods and I have to say these rods are the best rods that I have ever used. They are so light that you can hardly tell you have it in your hands. The Shimano curado's fit reel good on these rods and feel like a million dollars. They perform so well that I have decided to sell all the other rods that I own and go all the way with the Lamiglas rods. I have been fishing with the Lamiglas rods for the past 5 years and I have yet to have any problems with them. Excellent product and I highly recommend them to anyone. Tacklewarehouse has the best selection of rods anywhere in the USA.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN USA

Comments: I have XC724,XL7116,XL735,XL705GL,XC705RIP,XL734,XC807. I used them all in tournaments and have come thourgh in the most important moments with quality hook sets for the proper lure of choice, can't use anything else.

From: Jamel: Davis, CA

Comments: I love my XL734C. My favorite technique for it is pitching to docks with senkos. Have caught hundreds of Large and Smallmouth Bass up to 7 pounds with this rod in the last year and a half. I highly recommend these rods and will be buying another in the near future

From: William: Spokane, WA

Comments: I now have 9 of these excel rods to include 2 spinning rods and 1 microguide casting.  I have the 703c, 704c, 705c, 705glass, 735c, and the 7116c.  Fantastic rods
From: Andy: Farmington, MN


From: Rick: Brooklyn Park, MN

Comments: The 7'3" MH is the absolute perfect flipping and pitching rod.  I have two of these rods now--and they are hands down the best rod I have ever bought under $150.  This rod has tons of backbone, and is very light for the length and power.  I typically use 20-25 lb flouro, and these rods are perfect for slamming a straight shank home.  Nice finish to the rods, and sharplooking with the bronze-orange finish. Swinging four and five pounders with these rods, like they are rats.  BUY ONE, you will be very happy you did.

From: Chris: Austin, TX

Comments: this is the best rod i own it handles fish sooo well when fighting and is really light will definently be buying more. get a curado with it its the best combo ever!

Comments: Got the Excel 735 specifically to throw the BBZ 6 inch swimbaits but find that pitching and flippin with them work extremely well!  Can't wait to tie on a Spro frog once the weather warms up.  Take this from a Gloomis GLX and Lamiglas Certified Pro user, this rod absolutely rocks for a hundred bucks!

From: Jason: San Jose, CA

Comments: These rods are great! I have the 7ft Spinnerbait stick and could not be any more happy! I just got my 7ft crankn and cant wait to use it! These rods are gret get yours tday you wont be disapointed!

From: Hunter: Virginia, USA

Comments: Picked up two of the 705C rods in anticipation of using them for their recommended roles (texas and c-rigging).  Used them yesterday and must say I was disappointed.  A 1oz c-rig weight will put a bend in the rod at rest, and the action is, IMO, hardly an x-fast, but more of a moderate.  There isn't anything wrong with the quality of the rods, but the power for it's suggested uses just isn't there.  I'm going to try one as a cranking rod and possibly for topwater use. 

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: I have the 703C, 704C, 734C, and the 7116C.  They are awesome!!  I have been using them for a couple months now and they are great.  I think the 703C is my favorite, it handled a 5lb bass recently with no problems.  Buy these rods, you will not be disappointed!

From: Cliff: Waco, TX

Comments: I have the 7'3" Med/Hvy Frog/Swimbait rod...Very cool rod...great construction quality, looks and action....but...this rod is VERY tip heavy with a 2009 Abu Garcia REVO SX 7.1:1 - i own G.Loomis GLX, Carrot Stix, Daiwa Steez, All Star Titanium and Bass Pro Shops CarbonLite rods.....the Excel is a sweet rod for the money...but a steal @ $78.88 ! get them while they are on sale !!


Comments: Totally shocked. I am a frog fishing addict and probably also one of the most picky people you can find when it comes to frog rods. The Excel  XL735C is one heck of a great hollow body frog rod. The tip is perfect for casting and working the frog and the rod has plenty of power for the hookset and pulling them bass out of the heavy junk. At 110 bucks, well IMO its a steal. I have frog rods that cost 3 times as much and this rod goes toe to toe with the best of them. 

From: Patrick: Dekalb, IL

Comments: I own the 7ft. 3 medium light rod. It is the lightest rod that I have ever held in my hands. I paired it with a Shimano Citica reel and they are perfect together. I am going to order me a couple more of these rods just for the fact that they are made in America and they feel so good in your hands. To me a rod is useless if it wears you out after a days fishing. I have been using it mostly for crankbaits and lipless crankbaits and it performs flawlessly. I highly recommend this rod to anyone who needs a good quality, beautiful, and excellent performing rod that you can be proud of. I really like the bait tie on the rod handle. It keeps the lure out of your way when it is lying in the boat.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments:  Not a bad rod, but I bought the cranking glass stick, had it less than a year and the reel seat is come loose causing the blank to spin making the guides off center from my reel. Will not get another one which is a shame cause other than this little quality mishsap, I really liked the rod.

From: Jared: Lake Saint Louis, MO

Comments: Just bought the 7'3" Med-Hvy for a flip//pitching rod.  Must say I am impressed.  Have it rigged up with 17lb FHP line and it is by far the most sensitive rod I have ever bought under $180 bucks.  Very light, even thought some of the reviews have noted that it is tip heavy.  I would compare this rod to a Falcon Lowrider//Cara, right in between the two, which as everyone knows is no slouch.  Not as light as a Cara, but more sensitive than a Lowrider.  Good buy, especially with the split grip and good components.  Will definetely buy another here soon.

From: Brad: New Braunfels, TX

Comments: I have almost the entire line of Excels.  My favorites are the glass cranking rod and the 703 spinning.  There is not a better value at this price point, period and it's 100 % US made.

From: Doug: Longview, WA

Comments: I loved this rod and was getting ready to get some more glass models for Crankin when the reel seat on the one I own got loose and started to spin around the blank. I won't be buying anymore which is a shame cause that fiber blank was awesome, especially for the price. Just wish all the components were put together better and could hold up to tournament fishing.

From: Jared: Missouri, USA

Comments: Great rod, right price, love knowing its made in America.

From: Will: Depere, WI

Comments:I love this rod, for the money you can't beat it.

From:Jake: Oneida Lake, NY

Comments:I own 3 of these rods as of now. 7'11 flip stick, 7'3 heavy and the 7 ft glass rod. I am now selling my Falcon Caras so I can fill out my arsenal with these rods. They are just as light, yet more powerful. These are a steal at 109 per unit...I am a full on Lamiglass fan now.

From:Matt: Montgomery, TX

Comments:I purchased a few of these rods in November when they first came available and now I own the whole line. I paired them with quantum energy reels, what a killer combo. I have not found a better rod for the price. These rods are sensitive, light and well built.

From:Jason: Plattsburgh, NY

Comments:I have Fenwicks and a few Castaways and I decided to try the XL704C because I throw a lot of spinners and Texas rigs and all I can say is WOW. I have never casted so far with plastics in my life! I will be buying the XL705Glass as soon as it ever gets in stock. Lamiglas Excel rods are definitely worth the 100 bucks!

From:Andy: Farmington, MN

Comments:Well Home run to Lamiglas. I am sold on these rods. Who knew you didn't have to spend hundreds to get a great rod. I have the 7'3" MD/HVY love this rod. I put a new Shimano e7 on it and couldn't be happier. Very nice tip and tons of power. GREAAAT ROD!

From:Clint: Pleasant Plains, AR

Comments:AWESOME AWESOME rods for the money, I have a 7'glass casting, a 7'3" med Casting, and 2' 7" med spinning rods. (I am going to pick up the 7'3" med hvy next paycheck). I sold my carrot stix on ebay to buy these and sooo glad I did. The only thing I don't like is the hook keeper being so low but if these rods keep performing I could really care less. This is one of the only places to get these rods and the free shipping is awesome. Thanks TW!

From:Drew: Shawnee, KS

Comments:Got two of the Medium Heavy glass crankin sticks. Great rod, not heavy and they really hold on to the fish. I fished all day and experienced no fatigue. Casts two miles. a great rod, especially for the money.

From:Josh: Murray, KY

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