The Lamiglas Excel Bass Spinning Rod Series now gives anglers the chance to own an affordable, high-performance American-made rod that can challenge the features and performance of today's popular imported rods. Previously, substantial price differences between imported rods and those produced in the US have barred many anglers from purchasing American-made rods. That's why Lamiglas put it upon themselves to make a difference by delivering an affordable American-made series of rods with quality blanks and components. Each Lamiglas Excel Casting Rod is assembled in the US on a blank hand-rolled in Lamiglas's Woodland, Washington facility, where each rod is also wrapped and finished.

Featuring Lamiglas' proprietary, ultra-sensitive IM Graphite blank construction, the Lamiglas Excel Bass Spinning Rods deliver lightweight performance in a variety of technique-specific lengths and actions. Further complimenting the blank's sensitivity and strength, durable American Tackle Halide Guides won't bend or flex under heavy fighting and they also minimizing friction for longer, more precise casting. The Aero Comfort Touch Reel Seats further minimize weight and increase sensitivity, while also providing a comfortable, secure base for the reel. The Split Grip Handle design on all models also provides excellent leverage for solid hooksets and steering hard fighting fish away from trouble. Complete with an attractive, deep-metallic, copper finish and premium Cork Grips, the Lamiglas Excel Bass Spinning Rods offer more anglers than ever a renewed pride in owning and fishing an American-made fishing rod.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Combining the latest technology with 60 years of Lamiglas experience, the Lamiglas infinity Bass Spinning Rods feature space-age graphite composite blanks to deliver incredible sensitivity, strength and durability.

  • Featuring extremely small diameter blanks that provide superior sensitivity and strength, while remaining lightweight, the Lamiglas Pro X Bass Spinning Rods put the performance the pro's demand in your hands.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I have multiple excel rods for a variety of purposes. I have two 703Spinning, two 702Spinning, and one 703Casting. My favorite is the 702Spinning which I use for jigging 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz jigs for walleye. It has a nice fast sensitive tip and a powerful butt section. I can feel the jig hitting the bottom which is very important. I catch lots of big walleye here in Oregon rivers with this rod and technique. I use the 703Casting when trolling crankbaits for Walleye, and the rod shakes perfectly while sitting in the rod holder so that I know that my plug is running right. I don't think you can find a better rod in this price range and definately not made in USA locally like this one is.

From: Lundy: Portland, OR USA

Comments: I fish the XL703s with a 2500 Shimano Sedona and 8# fluro, and its great! I use it mainly for drop shotting and throwing wacky rigged senkos.  The sensitivity is great, and it's easy to feel light bites.  The craftsmanship is great as well.  It feels really soild overall.  Pulled fish up to 4.5 lbs so far with no problems.  I would definitely recommend it.  Being made in the USA doesn't hurt either!  

From: Kyle: El Dorado Hills, CA

Comments: I have all three models, 702,703,704 and have fished them hard for 9 months.  They matched with Shimano Sorros 3000 reels. These rods have performed well above my expectations and have held up without so much as a guide insert coming loose.  Same goes for the 9 casting models I bought. I love these rods !

From: Doug: Longview, WA

Comments: Bought the XL703S to be used as a drop shot rod.  Paired it with 10lb SilverThread line.  Used it for the first time yesterday and had a ball with it.  Sensitive and right on the money.  It would be hard to beat this rod at this price point.

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: I have the 7' Med/Hvy spinning rod. I was very surprised how sensitive the rod is. Use it alot for wacky wormin senkos, and can really feel subtle bites. The weight is on par with other quality composite rods, not heavy at all but not super light. I think it preforms as well as rods by any maker in the $160.00 price range and looks great too. When all said and done, you might prefer another brand, but you won't be sorry for buying this rod, it will serve you well. Would like to see a longer crankbait rod though. (hint hint)

From: Paul: Clarksville, TN

Comments:  I don't know what this guy is talking about but I have three lamiglas excel rods and have caught four bass over 20 inches this year in the twin cities area and two of them were over 5lbs on these rods and haven't had a single problem.  They cast great, feel great, and are perfect for the technique that is recommended on the rod.  You really can't go wrong with Made In The USA rods around 100 bucks, whether its falcon or lamiglas I use and love both!

From: Andy: Farmington, MN

Comments:Poor quality - I ordered the 7' Med Lt rod for my wife back in Nov 09 and didn't get it until FEB 10....I know this was due to back order and the supply and demand. This past weekend, my wife was casting a 1/8 oz Shaky head and the rod snapped below the 2nd guide. I had the same thing happen with my casting model except the 3rd guide simply busted off and the plastic insert from the 4th guide fell out....I take very good care of my rods so 'fisherman neglect' is not in the equation. If you buy these rods, be very careful as to the weight you put on as it will ultimately be your fault with the "those rods are no designed for that weight" excuse.


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