Lamiglas X-11 Casting Rods - $89.99

Lamiglas X-11  Casting Rods

Actually part of Lamiglas’ salmon and steelhead rod lineup, the Lamiglas X-11 Casting Rod offers all of the attributes you need for fishing big, heavy swimbaits. Designed for back bouncing for salmon in deep fast moving water, its strengths translate perfectly to swimbait fishing. It has the power to move a big bait at the end of a long cast and make a solid hooksets, and its advanced IM graphite blank delivers excellent sensitivity and feel as you slow roll you swimbait along the bottom or retrieve it through the water column. By no means a broom stick, the X-11 loads up well during the retrieve, on hook sets, and as you launch extra long casts to specific targets. Deep press chrome guides constructed from stainless steel also provide the durability to stand up to heavy weight bass and rigorous fishing conditions, while an exposed reel seat furnishes additional sensitivity. Perfect for fishing a range of swimbaits - anything from 1 to 8-ounces - the Lamiglas X-11 Casting Rod is a sophisticated tool, exhibiting astonishing sensitivity and control, with highly focused affordability.

Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty 

Comments: DO NOT BUY THIS ROD! this is a piece of junk! i ordered one from here and fished it for a while and the plastic inner ring on the tip broke out so i sent it back and TW with their great customer service happily replaced it, the seccond rod snapped on a toad(well worth the donkey i got) so i emailed TW again and told them it snapped so they sent it back to lamiglas and they gave me a new one which the plastic ring has broken out again, a guide snapped off and four of the guides are loose! i take very good care of my stuff and this is the only rod that has ever given me a problem! it truly is you get what you pay for, i would highly suggest saving your bucks for a little longer and getting a better rod.

Comments: same as sam. broke in 3 pieces . i guess u get what you buy on cheap products.if your still looking into buying. mos def do not swing your fish in the boat or try lifting it up.

From: Bee: Cali

Comments: this rod is junk i set the hook on a fish and the rod broke in three peace one word powell rods

From: Sam: CA

Comments: A little underpowered for a 1-8 oz rated rod, not comparable to the dobyns champion series but it is 1/3 of the price.  A good rig for A-Rigs, hudds, and other swimbaits in the 3-5 oz range.  Anything over 5 oz seriously overpowers this rod.

From: Michael: Central Coast, California

Comments: Great rod for the price, tons of backbone, throws 8" hudds great! Handle could be a bit longer but it's a great value for what you get. I prefer it over the two okuma Guide Selects i've owned

From: Brian: Mission Viejo

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Lamiglas X-11 Casting Rod 8' Heavy

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15-40lb 1-8oz 12+Tip X-11 Cast
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21" $89.99 3+
X-11 Cast

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